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Dagga Rook! SA Gadja Queen

5 Different Dry Herb Vapes For South African Dagga Fans!

South Africans have their own unique dagga characters, and some might even be a little surprising to you.

I know some of these individuals through personal experience* (*the author of this blog).

Anyway, I thought I’d compile a list of my top five, and pair them with the dry herb vape I think they’d love.

Dagga Hippie

As they enter the room, the first thing you’ll notice is their dreadlocks. Then your eye will start to wander and you also notice their:

  • loose fitting tie-dyed pants;
  • their 90s/00s band shirt;
  • lack of shoes;
  • and customary flower items.

Yep, you’ve just met your Dagga Hippie. Their leisurely movements put you at ease. They’re very comfortable in their own skin.

Normally, you can find them tending to their garden, or community green patch.

For this individual, keeping up with the capitalistic game isn’t worth their while, after all, they’re happy to be blazing their own unique green path!

Because they’re not interested in chasing the elusive capitalism dragon, I’d recommend getting Zootly’s entry-level, dry herb vape: AirVape XS Go Vaporizer.

I’d say this little affordable “bad boy” could be used absolutely anywhere! And it is a tough device.

But if you’re keen to use it for “romantic walks between the bed and fridge”, go for it.

Cannabis Horticulturalist

Cannabis growing is an art. Let no one tell you otherwise!

It is a 24/7 love affair that leaves one with dirt under the finger nails, tan lines at sleeve length, and an unquenchable thirst to grow bigger!


Keen Ganja Grower!

You can spot these individuals, by the fact you asked a random lighting question about the outdoor cannabis growing season, and two days later they’re still recounting that one time they grew a bud – AND JESUS’S FACE APPEARED IN THE TRICHOME DROPLETS.

For the dagga horticulturalist I’d suggest buying some seeds from President Seeds, as they are now giving away a Vapium Lite Vaporizer when you spend R2500 on their site.

Yeah, we know the only thing these guys want to spend money on is plants.

Marijuana Auntie

If you think the ganja game is for the youth, you’re wrong! That’s where the marijuana auntie comes into play.

They’ve taken up the habit since the Constitutional Court made it’s historic 18 September 2018 ruling.

These aunties have recently put away their rose gardening nutrients in favour of the marijuana specific stuff.

It’s a growing group, and I’d argue, the largest untapped dagga demographic. I can easily imagine a world where book clubs switch their rosé for doobies.

Anyway, these ladies want something nice to enjoy their new crop in, thus my suggestion of the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer.

It’s sleek, beautiful, and small enough to stash away in the clutch handbag. Or you could make it a centre piece!

Like, buy some artisanal pottery, throw in some buds, and add the vape – boom! Nice Insta post!

Doobie Beanie Lovers

Yeah, I said it, they’re the stoners who love their beanies. Nothing wrong with that, unless it is in the middle of summer.

They’re normally professional individuals, who are glued to their programming monitors or gaming consoles.

These guys are techie whiz kids. They like going into the details, an example would be to reprogram their microwave. It’s for this reason I’d suggest the PAX3 device.

It comes with tonnes of additional add ons, cordless charging, syncs to a laptop, and it used to have an APP until Apple removed it… DAMN YOU STEVE JOBS’ GHOST!

Anyway, it is perfect for the gadget-loving cannabis fan, or Doobie Beanie individual.

Dagga Debbie

Well, this is going to be a trip into the writer’s world of personal experiences… So, buckle up…

Right, who is a Dagga Debbie?

She’s a lady who’s been there, done that, and punched the Casio Keyboard Player in the mouth for not playing her song.

Andrew Macfarlane’s Alleged Account At A Pub Circa 2011.

She loves a little dagga and don’t call it cannabis!

If you have a rough story, her story is so extreme it makes your tale look like a Barney the Dinosaur story.

Need another description…


SHE’S met all Four Cousins so often that they’re on a first-name basis.

Andrew Macfarlane Allegedly Witnessed This Happen At A Bring And Braai

SHE’S guessed every answer correctly on Noot Vir Noot since day one.

Andrew Macfarlane Allegedly Witnessed This From A Leather Couch Circa 2004

This is Dagga Debbie. God, I wish I could redo my childhood… ANYWAY!

The device I’d suggest for this individual would be the G Pen Dash as it is the easiest pen to use.

In turn, there’s bound to be “no user frustration”, and the vape won’t be hurled at the bartender if it were ever to have a malfunction…

In conclusion, if you have any other “dagga koppa” to suggest let us know in the comments below.

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, a man who grew up in Northern Suburbs of Cape Town… he’s seen things…

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