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Cannabis Christmas

Cannabis Christmas Gift List

It’s December and that means one thing for many South Africans, Christmas Shopping Time! But this year why not buy some Cannabis Christmas Gifts for your marijuana friends, family members, or loved ones?

But what to choose?

Don’t worry, this list is here to help you put it into an online basket, hit deliver, and wait for it to arrive before Christmas!

Let’s kick this list off!

Zootly All In One Smoke Pack!

At Zootly we fully understand that everyone needs the entire package.

It’s for this reason why we’ve created three bespoke all-in-one smoke kits for you – cannabis fan gift giver!

And because we know variety is the spice of life, you can choose exactly what colours the products in the packages are. So, if you want a Sky Blue grinder – you get one!

In the first package, we’ve combined two icons. Our Zootly Ceramic Bong and our Zoot 4 piece grinder.

Smoke Pack

It just made sense to combine the two. And because all the ceramic bongs were handmade, every one of them is a unique art piece. Perfect for the sophisticated smoker.

Also, if we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times… This could easily double as a lovely vase.

The next Cannabis Christmas combo from Zootly are our Zootly Pipe Kits! There are two options with a two or four-piece ceramic coated grinder.

Zootly Pipe with 2 Piece Grinder

And just like the ceramic bongs, the pipes were also handmade. Both kits come with Zootly’s storage case.

Zootly Pipe Kit with 4 Piece Grinder

They have an adjustable interior so you can tailor exactly how you want the compartments to be laid out inside. Also, because it has a hard casing shell, it also guarantees that your smoking essentials are safe.

Something Storz and Bickel For Cannabis Christmas!

Storz and Bickel VOLCANO Hybrid!

We’ve gone into loads of details about the Storz and Bickel range.

They are all amazing vaporizers!

The Storz and Bickel VOLCANO Classic Vaporizer a true pioneer in the industry! Invented back in 1996 when Alanis Morissette was misusing the term “Ironic” in her song!

Storz and Bickel Volcano Hybrid

The Storz and Bickel VOLCANO HYBRID a desk-top vaporizer worth shouting about! LIKE LOOK AT IT! It’s a classic design – only better!

And there’s Storz and Bickel’s little portable, battery-powered CRAFTY+, which delivers outstanding vapour, flavour, and air-flow!

Then the final one on this list, the Storz and Bickel MIGHTY! Yep, it’s guaranteed to be an alMIGHTY gift!

Right, now that we’ve spoken about the Germans, let’s look at what the tough Americans have stocked with us!

Have an “Eyce-y” Cannabis Christmas!

We’ve just recently stocked our shelves with the Eyce range and wrote about their amazing products.

But let’s recap!

The Eyce Spoon is made from tough indestructible silicone.

Which means that it is perfect for the local adventurer. No matter how many selfie accidents you have with this pipe – it’ll bounce back.

This little bong has some real pulling power!

And this Eyce Mini is special. So special it has its own patent!

Also, you can expect so much more!

It comes with a 14mm borosilicate glass bowl, and a new, platinum cured, percolated down stem! 

If you want to really spoil that cannabis fan this Christmas, then the larger Eyce Beaker could be the gift you want to purchase!

Yes, the Eyce Beaker is like its Mini counterpart, just bigger!

Expect the usual, well unusual, extras like:

  • Platinum Cured Silicone Body
  • Large Hidden Container
  • Hidden Rolling Tray
  • Magnetic Ring Lighter Holder
  • 14mm Borosilicate Glass Bowl
  • Diffused Borosilicate Down Stem
  • Ice Catcher
  • Stainless Steel Poker

And finally, the big daddy Cannabis Christmas Gift!

Yep, it’s a literal ice bong!

The bong mould creates an ice pipe that cools smoke to an astonishing -3 degrees celsius!

And because it uses a heavy-duty, platinum-cured silicone mould, and an airtight grommet, as well as diffused down stem, this thing pulls like nothing you’ve ever smoked!

But what if your cannabis fan loves to grow their own home grown?

Blumat Self-Watering System!


We stock most of the Blumat watering systems in our grow shop. But, for the sake of this blog we’re going to be focusing on what our writer WANTS FOR CANNABIS CHRISTMAS!


Ok, but why would this gardener writer want this? Simple, it’s awesome, and Blumat watering systems work well! Very well.

There’s no need to spend hours with that old, retro sprinkler set you bought because you didn’t know any better.

You know, those hours where you heat up pipes to bend and fit them together. This system just slots together and works.

Andrew Macfarlane, using the Easy Blumat System.

And, if you were wondering, there’s no need for timers or batteries. This system works via a unique ceramic sensor.

Another gift you could give this season, is one that will bloom in the new year!


You know what cannabis growers like to do? GROW CANNABIS!

And, because the South African law says you’re allowed an unlimited amount of seeds on your person – the sky is the limit on how much you spoil them!

We’d recommend buying from either, President Seeds, Simba Seeds, or Dutch Passion.

Not only are they our friends, but their genetics are fantastic! Guaranteeing that your cannabis fan gets the best harvest!

We’re pretty sure that the team will create another Christmas Cannabis gift list.

But for now! Get these ones! They’re great! Like the best gifts!

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, gardener, writer, and Blumat fan!

z00tly says: “I still want an Eyce bong for my nest! Just give me one, Chris! Like, what else is the mascot entitled to? NOTHING!”

From the zootly Shop

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