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Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Edibles! Let’s Get Shopping!

The Zootly Crew has been cooking up a cannabis edibles storm. Introducing products here, there, and like, all available in our shop.

What? We weren’t going to throw them everywhere?

If you’ve not seen our mention in the Yahoo!Financial pages then you might not know about our first yummy addition to our shelves!


Medspresso! More drinkable than edible – BUT WHO CARES!

These biodegradable, Nespresso compatible pods are exactly what the team were looking for during those early calls.

Like, the Zootly crew is a late night bunch… Especially our mascot Zootly… Who’s an owl...

Currently we stock their entire range, which includes: Ethiopian & Kenyan, Tanzanian Peaberry, Rooibos Tea, and if you’re in the mood to treat-yo-self, the Hot Chocolate.

The company is a bioceutical company that focuses on alternative plant-based cannabinoids and psilocybin (magic mushrooms) medical research.

For now though, you can enjoy a fresh cup from their amazing pods right aeway!

Whoomph CBD Gummies! Jumping here-there-and-everywhere!

Whoomph CBD - Cannabis Edibles

Look at us selling delicious CBD gummies! Like yum-yum-in-my-tum! Available in two flavours, tropical fruit and strawberry, this is a full-spectrum snack!

Each pack is loaded with 150mg of CBD in ten little gummies. So, for those looking to explore the wonderful world of cannabis edibles, or CBD treats, this is a great way to start!

But what if you’re looking for some panache? Sure it’s not a word many people use flippantly – but here we are segueing into the next product.

Graceful like a wordsmith swan!

Canache CBD Infused Salted Caramels!

Cannabis edibles.

The image tells a thousand opulent words about the true decadence of this amazing luxurious CBD treat.

To quote the makers of this local treat:

Made with indulgent caramel, a sprinkle of Cape sea salt and dipped in dark chocolate. Canache Premium Virgin Salted Caramels are infused with only the purest CBD extract.


Our staff rate this incredibly highly! So much so, it is the go-to treat for partners on special occasions.

While we’ve spoken about CBD treats, we’re not officially allowed to sell treats with THC… But there’s nothing stopping you from making some really trippy meals.

But what if there was some magical device that would help…

MagicalButter Machine! The Cannabis Edible Magic Machine!

MagicalButter Machine!

The world’s first countertop bontanical extractor is the MagicalButter Machine!

Oh yeah, this epic machine will take away the need to watch your oven like a hawk. Making sure not to over decarboxylate your sweet-sweet-cannabis!

With its integrated digital thermostat and sensors, the MagicalButter Machine brings laboratory-grade temperature controls to your kitchen.

That’s right – you’ll be a scientist! Your mom will be proud. Unless you’re like a doctor already… then whatever, you over achiever!

But if you’re looking at getting into the world of cannabis edibles, this device is a must have for your home!

Words by, Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and not a doctor…

z00tly says, “Why not watch it like an OWL Andrew! It’s not called Hawk-lys, IS IT ANDREW! Punt the brand harder, Andrew!

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