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Cannabis Black Friday - WEEK!

Update! Cannabis Black Friday Sale IS NOW 10 DAYS!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Zootly is doing that day with the colour. Yes, we’re doing our own Cannabis Black Friday *! *Now, it’s officially 10 DAYS!

We’re trying not to go too overboard about the fact it is that day of a gloomy colour. But the Zootly crew will be running a few specials on the day.

While originally we were going to do it for a day, Chris Landman, Co-Owner and Found of Zootly decided to extend this special for more than a week! And he’ll be slashing up to 40% off selected products!

Like, if I knew this I’d bought all my cannabis gear during that week!

Andrew Macfarlane, Writer and Cannabis Growing Fan That Missed The SALE!

Starting on Monday, 1 November 2022, at 10:00 and running it till Wednesday, 30 November 2022, 24:00!

Just remember that this offer is only while stocks last. Once the stock is sold and gone, so are the specials!

Zootly’s CBD Range!

We’ve decided to reduce the price for our entire CBD range for the Cannabis Black Friday/Week!

This includes our 1000mg, 300mg, and 100mg broad-spectrum CBD oils, as well as our Pet CBD with its Roast Chicken flavour!

Black Friday CBD!

While these are just the oils, we’re also going to include some more of our amazing CBD products!

Like our tasty Zootly CBD Chocolate! Which is delicious AF!

And if you were wondering,

Does this also include Zootly CBD Repair Cream?

Influencer Mary-Jane… *We made her up…

You are damn right!

What else is on special on this day of a dark colour?


Zootly’s Smoke Range!

We can hear the collective, “Oh-F-Yeah!” from those reading this blog on the other side of the screen.

Yes, we’re magical beings from another cannabis dimension! But what in the Zootly’s Smoke Range will be discounted? Well:

Ceramic Zootly Bong

That’s right, the holy grail of epic bongs could be yours! With its cool ceramic body and glass downpipe this is the bong you want to get your lips on!

Zootly Ceramic Pipe

Black Friday Cannabis Pipe!

The handmade Zootly Ceramic Pipe is for those looking to up their marijuana status from pleb to rocking superstar!

Zoot Tubes

Black Friday Cannabis Keeper

For those still rolling their own, you’ll be super pleased to hear that Zootly’s Zoot Tubes are for you.

Available in Gun Metal, Rose Gold, and Black, you’ll be able to keep your joint fresher for longer. Also, these tubes are air- and water-tight!

Zoot Grinders!

This really could be a fantastic dagga day! Especially when the Zoot Grinders are on sale!

These ceramic coated grinders are the premium product you’ve come to expect from us… because we’re classy fellas…


Zootly Grow

Everything the Zootly crew conceptualises, designs, creates, and sells, is honestly just the best cannabis gear. If you were looking for that middle of the road, you might as well just log off this website, move towards a sink, wash that negative attitude off your face, and log back on our website

Cannabis Black Friday Grow Lights

For those in the know, this is a special moment: discounted grow lights. Which ones will we be reducing? Well the:

That’s a list that’s bound to shine some light on those savings!

This might come as a surprise, but we might want to keep one or two secrets for the day itself!

What Else Could You Get On The Cannabis Black Friday?

There might be a cheeky vape thrown into the ring, maybe even some rad nutrients. To be honest, it’s up to Chris the owner*. *Who changed his mind and extended the special to a WEEK!

If you’d like something to be added to this list, I’d start slipping into his DMs. Maybe butter him up with a large purchase and say,

I can’t afford all these things right now, if ONLY THIS WAS GOING ONTO THE DARK DAY SALE THING!

The Bankrupt Client…

Hopefully, we see you here again!

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and fan of sales!

z00tly says: “Man, with all these specials I’m going to raid the stock supplies now! PEOPLE ARE GOING TO GO HOOTING MAD FOR THIS!”

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