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[2022 Update!] Here’s the SA Christmas Cannabis Gift List! Something for all stoners!

Yep, it’s December again! Where do the years go? If you’re fortunate, up in a puff of smoke!

It is also officially “Ke-Dezember” in South Africa! Honestly, we know what’s going to happen, skipping work, going to the pool, and puffing spliff in the sunshine – you can smell that boerewors on the braai! GOD – IT’S WHAT WE ALL LIVE FOR!

Anyway! It’s also Christmas or something, so you might want to purchase your cannabis friends some gifts.

We also need to talk about budgets. 2022 has not been easy on the wallet. Squarely looking at Vlad, you utter f*#king c*#t. Sorry, no politics. Anyway! Let’s start with scrapping the bottom of the barrel again!

Christmas Cannabis Gifts Between R5 – R100

So, we understand that after the economy has collapsed and finally being able to remove your masks, you might not be flush with cash.

If you’re in the market for the “Thought that counts” sentiment, can we suggest Jiffy Pellets! Yes, you can buy one for under R5! Whoop! We’re still surprised that you can actually buy anything for R5!

And like the previous years, you could mix it up this Cannabis Christmas by throwing in Grodan Rockwool Cube! Honestly, Rockwool is great for many other plants, like young orchids, so this could work for the mother. Sure, she’ll be worried about your ability to feed yourself, but she doesn’t know the budget restraints we live with!

Grodan Rockwool Cube

But what if you have some extra Rands to splash, and you didn’t invest all your money in FTX? If you did invest with them, we’re sorry. But we’re pretty sure you can convert want every crypto you have left laying around and buy some edible gifts for the cannabis friends in your life.

Yes, our edible range expanded in 2022. Now you can shovel it into your face Cannabis Jellies! As you’ve come to expect, Zootly did this right. 5mg of magic board spectrum CBD in each jelly, so limit your intake to two.

Don’t eat all 12 jellies because we’re not legally allowed say to digest more. But then again, if your Christmas day is going South and “Gran-Gran” is showing the entire family yoga moves in her underwear, by all means, eat the whole jar! Pretty sure others will be downing their bottle of wine like a sailor.


Gosh, childhood memories can raw dog you even decades later.

If you’re looking for a more mellow tea, we’d strongly recommend Palblu’s CBD-infused rooibos tea, which is now marked down to R20 for a pack of 10! Like, this is another Zootly Bargain!

Fabric pots are always a winner! If you’ve not bought any yet for yourself, treat yourself, then buy some for others.

Fabric pots are incredible! We did a whole piece on them a while back! And if your mom grows roses, these are also perfect for her! Be good to your parents, unless they sold you into the Amway world, then you’re just going to have to buy their products.

Wow, that’s a complicated joke…

Now, let’s up that budget.

Spending R100 – R500 For Cannabis Christmas

If you’ve somehow been able to save some money after the year that is 2022, well done. You are officially a “wealth-smith” cutting down on spending.

Now, let’s just throw caution to the wind and SPEND!

First off, let’s get that Cannagar Mould! What is it? Well, it helps you to roll the best cannagar! Or a cannabis cigar.

And for the eagle-eyed viewer, yes, this is 3D printed. This bad-bad-boy can make a giant cannagar with 4-6 grams of flower.

We think this is a pretty sweet contraption, and for a limited time, this is thing is about the same price as a Spur Burger at R120.

Reduced down to R350, the ActiTube Briar Wood Pipe is a bargain, with only one unit left when posting this blog.

This German handmade pipe has the best Bauhaus design and comes with active charcoal filters. And the briar wood is described as “precious,” so you know it has to be good. There was a pear wood pipe from the range, but it’s sold out because, you know, people know a quality product when they see it!

So, this isn’t really an option in 2022…

But you know what else you could order for a Cannabis Christmas gift? A pipe from Pot Piper.


The story about getting these Pot Piper products started with one of the powers that be at the company climbing the foothills of the Drakensberg in search of a potter.

After days of searching, our owner found what he was looking for, packed the bags with what was available, and now you can order them to your door anywhere in the country. Isn’t that better than getting lost in the Drakensberg…

Now that we think about it, the Instagram stories of the journey were epic… But look at these handmade masterpieces!

You can pick these up for a bargain, starting from R135.00 up to R270.00.

If you’re considering gifting your cannabis friend a vape deal, you can browse through our {OPEN BOX] section.

There are some really amazing deals, like the Boundless Terp Pen, which is usually R690, but because we opened it to display, it is now R490 so, if you’re looking to make an impression that you have the cash, this is your moment.

Also, you can now pick up a grow tent for under a K! Like, what are we doing?
Zootly LITE Grow Tent 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.6

These are limited! So, get in there now! Buy all the things!

But what if 2022 was a good year for you? You decided to not to buy Twitter stock in 2o21, and you navigated the choppy financial waters like a financial pirate?

But what if your Christmas Cannabis budget is unlimited? Like you won the lotto? Well, here are some gifts for you!

To Infinity

Sure, not everyone who has loads of money is happy. But you can buy things – so there’s that!

Let’s not beat around the bush. Get a PAX 3.

There are three kits: Basic Kit, Complete Kit, and the Amber kit. PAX is the world leader in vaporizers and, with its 35000mAH battery and can heat up in 15 seconds flat.

You could also just bong it out! We have all types of bongs! There’s even an owl and mushroom bong!

We love bongs!

And the final big gift is the Large Grow Tent Setup with TWO SolarXtreme 500s! Gift this to your cannabis loved one, and they will be eternally grateful to you for life!

If none of these tickled your fancy, carry on browsing through our site! There’s so much more to choose from!

And honestly, there’s no such thing as too many bongs!

And l

From the zootly Shop

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