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Christmas Cannabis

Here’s the SA Christmas Cannabis Gift List! Something for all stoners!

Yep, it’s December already! And yes, we’re all looking forward to puffing spliff in the sunshine. But it’s also the time for giving! Which means it is time for Christmas Cannabis GIFTS!

We shared with you guys our top picks from 2020 for cannabis goods that would fit well under the tree, here. But then again it is 2021!

Also, this year, the team wanted to share gifts in price ranges, because you know, the economy, fuel prices, and life in general!

Well, that’s depressing… ANYWAY, GIFTS!

Christmas Cannabis Gifts Between R5 – R100

Ok then, you’re broke. Like, damn. If you’re looking at gifts of R5 you should be gifting cannabis seeds. Sorry, we might have over stepped the mark a little.

So, you can gift your loved ones…

Jiffy Pellets! Yes you can buy two for under R5! Whoop! And who said you can’t buy anything for R5!

Jiffy pellets

You could also throw in one Grodan Rockwool Cube with a Jiffy Pellet to max out your R5 budget!

Grodan Rockwool Cube

So, at this price range, we’d assume the recipient wasn’t expecting anything. What else could you get for a bit more?

Well, the Holy Roly Envelope and Holy Roly Terpene Infusion are both priced to go at R40!

This year Zootly expanded into the world of CBD edibles! If you’re looking at just throwing a “lekker lolli” in the stocking then Zootly’s CBD lollipop range is prefect, retailing at R20 a pop. Also, they are sugar-free!

There’s also our amazing Bon Bons range! And yes they’re amazing as well!

We stock our own CBD Chocolate, but enough of our products… You can also treat yourself to some amazing Thrive Artisan Cannabis Chocolate, which retails at R95.

And finally, you could spring for an amazing Zootly Fabric Growing Pot! Which retails from R55 to R100!

Fabric pots are amazing! We did a whole piece on them a while back! And if your mom grows roses, these are also perfect for her!

To be frank, if you’re looking at stuffing a stocking with odds and ends, these gifts will be perfect for everyone.

Now let’s expand that budget!

Spending R100 – R500

Now that you have some cash to splash, what can you load into your cart?

You can splash on some automatic watering devices from Blumat, these solutions vary from the entry price of R125 to R370. Great for those worried about leaving their cannabis plants at home when on holiday! Probably, you should purchase them now…

If you’re looking for an entry level vape pen, 4Score’s 350 MAH Twist Control device is perfect. And at R280, it’s not going to break the bank, it is also available in a ton of colours.

If you’re not keen on vaping, there’s always the Eyce Spoon at R360. Which is made from a robust material that can bounce.

And it too is available in all the colours of the rainbow!

If your cannabis fan isn’t into gardening or smoking… they will be into edibles. While this is technically a drinkable, Medspresso’s range of CBD capsules are perfect! Retailing at a R129 for 10 pods.

While buying art is a personal opinion, we think our art work is great!

Then, to really treat them you could gift some Liviana CBD Olive Oil that’s available in three flavours.

But what if your Christmas Cannabis budget is unlimited? Like you won the lotto? Well, here are some gifts for you!

R500 – to Infinity

So, you’re not worried about the price tag? That’s great news for us!

First suggestion would be the Dr Dabber Switch, its revolutionary, patent-pending induction heating vaporizer for both oils and flowers is exactly what everyone wants!

Then there’s the Revelry Supply – The Confidant, a travel bag that is guaranteed to emit no odours! It’s also very nice to look at!

And the final big gift is the Large Grow Tent Setup with TWO SolarXtreme 500s! Gift this to your cannabis loved one and they will be eternally grateful to you for life!

And it comes with a gift voucher for R1000 worth of seeds!

If none of these tickled your fancy, carry on browsing through our site! There’s so much more to choose from!

From the zootly Shop

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