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Edibles dosages of THC – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!

South Africans have been enjoying their homegrown for a number of years now. For some, they’ve been eating it! While you can enjoy CBD edibles with little to no side effects, full-plant edibles will get you high. And if you’ve ever over-consumed cannabis you’ll now it’s an unpleasant trip!

While many cannabis fans will point out that…

No one has ever died from overdosing on cannabis…

Stoner boy

We’re here to tell them that over doing isn’t fun when the room is morphing, spinning, and flying down the anxiety tunnel.

So, what dosages should you have?

Edibles dosages

There is an ideal edibles dose depending on a lot of things. This can include tolerance, individual body chemistry, and the experience you’re looking for!

So, there are some basics to understand to find the exact dose you can handle. These dosages are measured in milligrams.

1 – 2.5mg THC

If you’re brand new to the cannabis world start with this dosage. It’s always wise to micro-dose before going for amount. At this level you can except the effects to be mild and perfect for symptoms like pain, stress, and anxiety.

2.5 – 15mg THC

Once you’re ready to up the dosage for persistent symptoms that weren’t addressed by micro-doses then this is the next step. Expect stronger pain and anxiety relief, also with some euphoria and impaired coordination.

30 – 50mg THC

At this level you’re going to experience strong euphoric effects and your vision will be impaired along with coordination. If you’re taking this level of THC you’re a high tolerance THC consumer, or consumers whose gastrointestinal tract doesn’t absorb cannabinoids well.

Then for those looking for a religious experience…

50 – 100mg THC

Yes, now we’re getting very high. This dosage level is only for experienced THC consumers. Or patients living with inflammatory disorders, cancer, and other serious conditions.

You will be seriously impaired in regards to coordination and perception. Some might experience nausea or increased heart rate.

Now, let’s dive into how long this high will last?

How long does it take to feel the kick of edibles?

It’s a common mistake we’ve all heard about, not feeling the effects after an hour and doubling up on the THC dosage. Which results in unpleasant effects of cannabis overconsumption.

Always hold-off and exercise caution.

But what if you’ve over stepped the mark.

Here’s some tips that the people at President Seeds.

How to sober up from THC and edibles!

Exert from article published on 11 October 2020 on President Seeds:

Try Some Black Peppercorns

This might seem like a strange suggestion but there is some science behind this tip.

In a 2011 review, published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, it was stated as follows:

“..terpenes such as beta-caryophyllene found in peppercorn can help tame the intoxicating effects of THC.”

Beta-caryophyllene and THC form a synergistic relationship and bind to the same cannabinoid receptors, creating a calming effect.

Dr. Ethan Russo, Taming THC: potential cannabis synergy and phytocannabinoid-terpenoid entourage effects

So, get the pepper grinder out and get grinding.

How To Sober Up From a High With Some CBD

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that CBD can help. CBD is an excellent anxiety-combating substance.

Currently, there is some early research about the chemical relationship between CBD and THC. If you do have some CBD lying around the home, it might help.

But, if you don’t.

Read more… HERE

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