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The Zootly CBD range is a class act. Also, it is available across South Africa and in your local CBD shop.  

Did you know that your body is home to an entire system called the Endocannabinoid System? 

Did you know that there are currently 113 known types of cannabinoids in cannabis? 

But the one that gets all the attention is the cannabinoid (CBD) compound.

There are many benefits to using CBD including: 

Pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties;
Reduction of anxiety and stress; 
And helps with mental health. 

The Zootly CBD range is a broad-spectrum CBD. What this means, is that it has most of the cannabinoids in the mix, just not THC. 

Animals can also benefit from the use of CBD products. That’s why we have a Zootly Pet CBD product, which is chicken flavoured. 

We’d say that their owners can also enjoy this product. 

The Zootly CBD range comes in three dosage levels. Starting at 100mg, we stock a 300mg and a 1000mg as well. 

We need to stress that you must take the appropriate care when using CBD, even though it is safe to consume. 

While the majority of you reading this page will be accustomed to the oils, the crew at Zootly likes to innovate. 

After all, if you’re not blazing new trails, what are you doing? 

That’s why we offer a spray applicator. Why did we go spray when everyone else is into the usual method? 

The main reason: CBD is absorbed into the blood faster when in a vapour format. This means when it’s time to sleep, take a spray or two and you’ll be in la-la-land within no time. 

It should go without saying, having to wait for the medication to kick in when panicking isn’t great. 

So, spray away! 

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