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It’s all the rage, CBD edibles! So congratulations you’re officially a CBD nut! So, what do we offer in terms of edibles? Well:

CBD Candies!

Zootly has a range of Bon Bons and Lollipops! With the lollipops you get a dose of 10mg of CBD, broad spectrum, and the same for a single bon-bon. There is 50mg of CBD in a pack of bon bons because there are five in a pack – QUICK MATHS!

They come a multiple flavours like Humbug, Cherry Kush, Strawberries and Cream Dream and Tutti Frutti Zkittles!

What else can you smash in your gob?

CBD Chocolate!

What CBD edible list would be complete without CHOCOLATE! We currently stock our amazing Zootly Chocolate with 20g of CBD!

Also, a real treat is the Canache Caramels! Infused with CBD and salted it is a truly a luxurious edible indulgence.

Then there’s Thrive Artisan Cannabis Chocolate which has 5mg of CBD. Also it is truly organic snack!

What else do we stock?

Other CBD Edibles!

Since you asked! We have a new amazing range from Liviana CBD Oils. Drizzle this over any salad and transform it from drab to fab!

For those looking for an instant hit of goodness The CBD Bomb is for you! Just rip it open and enjoy! Perfect for those mornings where you’ve overindulged in the drink…

And if you thought we forgot to stock gummies – you are wrong! We stock the yummy Whoomph CBD Gummies!

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