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While you can just feed you plant pH neutral water, give it a ton of sunlight (or grow lights), it needs nutrients to get them juicy buds!

We stock a wide range of nutrient related products from around the world! So, let’s start off at home!

Freedom Farms Nutrients!

We love what these guys are doing! And their growing medium is the best for growing cannabis! But their nutrient range is the best!

Freedom Farm’s Fire Juice is great for a that flower boost! While their Kelp is great for general use! And if you’re not using their soil you can use some of their Microlife and Probiotics to correct the soil!

And it’s all organic!

But if you have a need for something with some international clout the BioBizz range is perfect for you!


A family run Dutch company BioBizz is the easy to use range that has been providing marijuana growers the best product for decades.

We stock all their products! Including, Acti Vera, Bio HEaven, BioBloom, BioGrow, FishMix, Root Juice, and Top Max.

But if you’re not keen for organic products and need some quick fixes for your plants there’s always the GHE range!


We stock all the GHE products you could possibly need! And we have the GHE Flora Tripack which will get you started on the right path from day one.

If you need any other products you can always talk to us in store!

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