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This is Zootly’s selection of South Africa’s Best Cannabis Seeds Banks. We’d sell them directly to you, but we already provide South African Cannabis fans with the best Weed Gear.

Like, get off our back and enjoy our CBD range!

The Zootly Crew thought it would be better to:

Direct you, the “cannabis net surfer”, to the right website to purchase the best strains South Africans can buy!

We feel like we should clarify:

Buying a Calforina Lightworks rig to grow your parking guard’s strain is a waste of money!

Buying seeds from a trusted professional seed bank guarantees that you’re growing a crop with:

  • Good yields;
  • Bankable levels of THC or CBD;
  • In-depth material about growing it;
  • And that you’ll be growing a plant to be proud of!

There’s nothing worse than spending days in the sun, or shifting around the grow room, only to discover the weeks of hard work were for subpar stuff.

Seed banks also can lend support and tips on how to get the most out of your plant. And when that plant is a majestic cannabis plant – you – want – it – to – work it!

ALL-DAY-ALL-NIGHT! Which you can arrange with the help of amazing grow lights and a nifty grow tent!

To conclude!

If you want to be a serious reefer, dagga, weed, cannabis, marijuana pro – you need the best seeds.

Pretty sure we could quote something about building a house on sand… but that would make some individuals mad… oh you’re still reading this… CLICK ON A SEED BANK ALREADY!

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