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Blumat Easy XL 2 Piece

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The Blumat Easy is as simple to use as its name suggests.

This watering system only requires a plastic bottle to provide a constant flow of water.

It’s been specially designed for patio or garden plants.

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Oh, the Blumat Easy XL 2 piece is an amazingly easy to install self-watering system. 

The Blumat Easy XL 2 piece is double the hassle-free watering solution that requires no timers and/or batteries. Which is great when you consider our power supply is tied to Eskom still…


What makes this automatic watering solution unique? Simple, its clay-cone. The clay cone allows for the gradual watering of your plant as it only releases as much as the plant requires. This happens as the water seeps through the porous, bisque fired (if you want to add some awesome pottery lingo to your lexicon) walls, meaning the cone can’t retain water, so it filters through.

What does this mean for the humans/growers? Well, you’ll be able to relax if you’re looking at escaping for the weekend, and it can help maintain moisture levels in your pots or garden bed throughout the summer months.

The Blumat Easy attaches itself to almost all standard plastic bottles, from 250ml – 2l. Also worth mentioning is that this is Austrian made.

AKA: good quality stuff.

On average, the water distribution is around:

  • Clay cone, size 1 +/-, 200ml per day;
  • Clay cone, size 2 XL +/-, 300ml per day.

If you were wondering, it’s super easy to setup. Just:

  1. Fill up the bottle;
  2. Attached said bottle to the adapter;
  3. Make a hole in the bottom of the bottle;
  4. And insert the Blumat Easy into the soil!

For those looking for a plant sitter to tend to their sweet-sweet genetics, this is for you.

The Blumat Easy is the watering system that will ensure constant water release. Also, it’s been specially designed for patio or garden plants. So this is definitely for those rocking an indoor grow setup!

You can read more on their local website, here! And since we’re in a generous mood follow them on Facebook and Instagram

1 review for Blumat Easy XL 2 Piece

  1. Jerome G. (verified owner)

    Works like a charm

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