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Consol Glass Curing Jar 1L

4.0 (1 review)


This isn’t just a jar. It’s a Consol Glass Jar! It can hold up to 1 litre of bud, or water, or whatever. GET IT!

Ok – you want to read more! Go-a-head-make-our-day!


This isn’t just a jar – IT’S A CONSOL GLASS CURING JAR!

While a reviewer gave it four stars and has stated…

“Glass is glass” – Jerome G March 1, 2022.

We’re surprised he didn’t give it the full star treatment. I mean… What’s wrong with you! This. Isn’t. Just a glass jar. It is a Consol Glass Curing Jar!

It is made to be food safe – so safe enough to store your bud. And it has replaceable lid! Which is air-tight!

There’s so much more to explore about this jar!

More About Consol Glass Curing Jar 1L

So, this jar’s official colour is FlINT! Not transparent! Because that’s what basic glass jar are – BASIC BITCHES!

What else is there to know?


  • Weight is 520g
  • Height is 164.5mm
  • Finish of the glass is 86 Consol (WOOF)
  • It has a wide mouth!
  • And it’s diameter is 102mm!

Now you know the more about the jar.

And we’re glad you understand this is 5 STAR GLASS JAR! All other jars suck. Also, remember this is a made to be food grade.

Glass isn’t just GLASS! This is a Consol Glass Jar! Now! Buy it! Buy 10!

1 review for Consol Glass Curing Jar 1L

  1. Jerome G. (verified owner)

    Glass is glass

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