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Margaret Roberts Copper Count-N Fungicide Solution 200ml

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A copper containing contact fungicide solution for the control of diseases on your grow


Margaret Roberts is South Africa’s best known legendary gardener. A pioneer, goddess, and gentle soul, her products embody her ethos (if she has one online), and this is especially true with her organic fungicide. You can browse for more of her products – here.

This organic fungicide should be harmless to humans and animals while helping you control diseases like:

  • Black spot;
  • Downy mildew;
  • Rust;
  • Bacterial blight;
  • Bacterial spot;
  • Early blight;
  • Leaf curl;
  • Scab;
  • And powdery mildew!

If you were wondering, Margaret Robert’s product was mixed together to ensure you can control these pesky diseases! If you are concerned about the toxicity it is harmless to, bees, fish, bird, ladybirds, cold blood animals, and mammals.

They don’t have research on how it affects earthworms, so exercise caution. Or make sure to boost their health before applying to your plant.

Anyway! What’s in this stuff?

What’s in Margaret Roberts Organic Fungicide?

So, what did this saucy gardener for the ages mix into this concoction?

Well, copper ammonium acetate. This is a compound that is made up of Ammonia, Acetic acid, and Copper (it get’s it colour from copper).

This is a product to use in small stints. And you should only use 50ml per 10 litres of water.

Also, don’t use this during the flowering stages of your cannabis plant as there is standard withholding periods with this product, which range from 3 – 14 days. While it is unlikely to cause any poisoning – be wary.

So, what’s the summary?

Summary of the product?

Margaret Roberts organic fungicide is a concoction that contains in basic terms copper. This is a contact fungicide solution for controlling diseases on your plant. It is suitable for fruit, vegetables, and roses – as well as your cannabis plant. She might not have imagined that her products would help South Africans achieve their freedom green goal – it has! And it does the following:

  • Treats plant diseases
  • Harmless to bees, birds, beneficial insects, wild life, pets
  • Effectively treats Black Spot, Downy Mildew, Early Blight

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