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Envy Glass Dab Rig

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All ENVY Glass products are handmade in their workshop in Southern California, USA, using only the highest quality Borosilicate glass.


From the Envy Glass Design studio in Southern California, let’s introduce you to the Envy Glass Dab Rig!
This hanger beauty is what you get when you’ve been creating bong artworks for years and decide to boil away the excess stuff! This rig is a small piece of minimalist art.

Because of it simple features such as the straight angles of the pipe, resin can’t clog it up, which means it is easy to clean!

The studio only creates the most advanced and unrivalled quality products – according to their website. These guys continue to push the boundaries of what is reality and not! Using only the highest quality Borosilicate glass it’s guaranteed to turn heads!

This rig comes in a million and one colours, or for people who can count real good – 15 different colours are available. The design studio calls this their classic design.

Envy Glass Dab Rig is minimalist!

With its simple lines and clear glass finish, it’ll fit wonderfully in a minimalist’s home.

  • Where the walls aren’t covered in pictures;
  • The furniture is all about function,
  • And your wardrobe is filled with one outfit.

ANYWAY!  They do say this is a “clichéd shape”, but we’d say they’re selling themselves short – as this hand-blown piece of glassware is stunning.

The guys at Envy Glass Studios are very proud of the work they do, saying:

We take pride in being able to invite all into our glass community and guarantee your satisfaction in our workmanship.

We have to admit, that the Envy Glass Dab Rig is something that’s just a timeless classic! But you can explore the rest of the range – here!


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