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Eyce Mini Beaker

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The Eyce Mini Beaker is the ultimate compact, silicone water pipe. Touting many of the same features of the Eyce Beaker, the Mini Beaker is roughly half the size with all the features. This water pipe stands at only 7.25 inches but has ample storage in the base for extra material, it comes equipped with a steel poker and tool holders, and features a silicone downstem with a borosilicate glass slide. The Mini Beaker is perfect for life on the go and is backed by Eyce’s industry leading.

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The Eyce Mini Beaker is the ultimate compact bong. If you’re looking for something bigger – GET THE BIGGER ONE GOSH

Made from silicone (or platinum cured) that’s tough, food-safe, and rip proof, this little compact bad-boy can take a real beating. And if you were wondering, 

This bong looks rather special…

You’re damn right it’s special, it has its own patent. PATENTED US D846,187 and we even linked it!

It also comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. Which is rad. 

Then, what sets this apart from other bongs/waterpipes is its amazing hidden jar, rolling tray, and magnetic ring lighter holder!

Let’s just say those are some incredible additions to the usual bong, after all, we’ve all lost our lighters mid-session. The Eyce Mini Beaker has solved this universal problem. 

And if you thought that these bonuses were enough – YOU’RE WRONG BECAUSE YOU GET MORE! 

Getting more from Eyce Mini Beaker!  

Just like an Oprah in the late 90s, and early 00s, you’ll be getting more than expected! But, there’s no need to look under your seat, because it’s built into the Eyce Mini Beaker. 

It comes with a 14mm borosilicate glass bowl, and a new platinum cured percolated down stem! 

The bong itself also boasts an ice catcher for those chilled sessions. 

Now that you’ve read all this… Let’s sum it up quickly in a list!  

When you buy this amazing bong you get: 

  • Platinum Cured Silicone Body
  • Large Hidden Container
  • 14mm Borosilicate Glass Bowl
  • New* Platinum Cured Percolated Down Stem
  • Ice Catcher
  • Stainless Steel Poker

If you’re a cannabis fan, this is a must have bong! 


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