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Eyce Spoon

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The spoon pipe for sale is a part of the smokers arsenal like the katana sword to a ninja. Every smoker has one, but you’ll be the first in the crew to have one like this. The inlaid borosilicate glass bowls respect your style and the feel you’re used to, while the silicone body protects your wallet. This silicone smoking pipe spoon also holds your poker and your material all in one convenient kit ready for any scenario.

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Right, the Eyce Spoon is made from tough indestructible silicone. Which means that it is perfect for the local adventurer. No matter how many selfie accidents you have with this pipe – it’ll bounce back. 

As with everything from the Eyce stable, this little pipe comes with a lifetime warranty, as the manufacturers know this pipe is tough. 

But how is this “katana” of the smokers arsenal? 

How the Eyce Spoon smokes! 

To sum it up quickly – IT’S GREAT! But you scrolled down this page for more! 

With its removable borosilicate glass bowl the Eyce Spoon is super-easy to clean after a dirty-dirty session. ALSO – with its platinum-cured silicone this bad-pipe promises to deliver maximum flavour! Some much flavour you’ll be writing your own tasting notes for your amazing homegrown

For those wanting to keep their pipe pulling like Brad Pitt in his prime, crashing a bachelorette, at Cubañas… #StillHasIt

Then you’ll be super stoked that this pipe comes with a poker tool and an integrated spot where you can hide your stash. 

But how does this little magical pipe work? 

How it works! 

Right, if this is your first time with a pipe, we’re going to clarify exactly how to use it!

First, load your sticky icky into the glass bowl.

Second step, cover the carb hole, and cover it with your thumb, and squeeze it tightly, as you take a draw.

Third and final step, when you’re nearing the end of the drag, lift your finger off the hole to allow the smoke to clear out. 

And there you go! You’ve used the pipe. 

Now, what’s included with the Eyce Spoon?

What’s in the box! 

As you might have guessed you get the indestructible silicone body, borosilicate glass bowl, as well as the integrated container and loading tool! 

So, what you get in the box in a list format is: 

  • Platinum Cured Silicone Body
  • Stash Container Lid
  • Inlaid Borosilicate Glass Bowl
  • Poker

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