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G Pen Connect Tank

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Zootly did a thing and reached out to the guys over at Grenco Science and imported the G Pen Connect, as well as the G Pen Connect Tank! Just for you!

As you can imagine this tank has been designed exclusively for use with the G Pen Connect!

What makes this tank so special? Well, GLAD YOU ASKED! The G Pen Connect Tank features a fully ceramic heating element and patented reverse airflow technology.

The tank can heat to temperature within five seconds of activation, allowing for even, and efficient, vaporization of concentrates.

Which is rad! But let’s talk more about the device this G Pen Connect Tank… connects to!

What the G Pen Connect Tank… Connects to!

So, let’s talk about the G Pen Connect.

This little vape is a revolutionary way to enjoy your concentrates like a boss. And with the device reaching the perfect temperature within five seconds, you’ll be puffing out plumes of vapour like a cannabis-breathing-dragon… just don’t go chasing it…


The G Pen Connect promises to deliver high density, quality vapour, without you having to fumble for a torch and exposed nail. After all, life is all about the simple things. It’s also worth mentioning the amazing ceramic heating element that features patented reverse airflow technology. This tech allows for smooth and powerful draws.

And it comes with with three temperature settings as well as an extended draw mode! This means that every user gets the exact flavour and preferences they want. While this is all good and well, what is this puppy packing?

The G Pen Connect has a battery that is packing 850mAh of power! Which is snapped into place with a nifty magnet. So, no need to struggle threading the battery together. Then this little gem comes with the ability to fit 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm glass-on-glass adaptor.s This makes it compatible with any female-jointed water piece. Luckily we offer so many options!

Also, if you wondering… IT HAS LOADS OF PATENTS ON IT! Like the sexy US 10,004,264 B2, or US 10,021,909 B2 to name like two out of the five!

So, what do you get with this package?

When you purchase this sexy little number you get:

  • The battery (God, how annoying if this wasn’t the case);
  • Concentrate tank;
  • Housing
  • Male glass adapter (14mm)
  • Another one of those male adapters
  • A charging cable
  • And finally 3 replacement o-rings.

And that’s it, go grow something to stick into your G Pen Connect!




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