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GHE Final Part Ripen

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Ripen® 0.5-7-6 promotes increased and abundant flowering with greater oil and fragrance production. It is highly concentrated to provide macronutrients that are primarily responsible for flower and fruit growth.

Ripen is a liquid nutrient that has been specifically engineered and developed to provide these essential macronutrients in your high value crops life.

Use Ripen during the final one-to-two weeks to promote robust flower and fruit production.



General Hydroponic Europe’s (GHE) Final Part Ripen is their top selling nutrient additive that ensures your plant will finish off strong. After all, it’s literally in the name of GHE Final Part Ripen.

While this product is made by hydroponic experts it can also be used for soil like substrates. Cause you know, most people like to grow things in the earth…

Anyway! How does this stuff work?

How does GHE Final Part Ripen work?

Glad you’re asking! Sometimes we feel like we’re going crazy sitting on this mountain of knowledge without a single person asking us about it!

Final Part Ripen gets to work via acting in three ways.

  • It sends your cannabis plant a strong message that its life is coming to an end (talk about a tough conversation). This prompts the plant to accelerate it’s ripening process! Like going on a spending spree and just swiping that credit card until their arm gets stiff.
  • This strong message also forces the plant to strengthen its defences. Which means it increase production of essential oil and active principle production, AKA: getting more dank!
  • Then in the final act, Final Part Ripen delivers all the mineral salts that the plant needs in a simple method. It helps to accumulate all the excess nitrates and micro-elements in the substrate and pump it into the plant as a final hooray!  Think of it as getting real swollen before kicking the bucket. Like a buff older influencer on Instagram.

They (GHE) refer to this three step process as a “force solution”… God… anyway… This product can be used in any circumstance. It enables a quick harvest and speeds up the last days of the plant.

If you’re wondering, “How do I end this plants life so it becomes that elderly influencer with pecks?” well here we go!

How to use it!

In hydroponics you’ll need to replace the old nutrient solution with pH adjusted water, and add up to 5ml/L of Final Part Ripen to match or slightly exceed your previous EC (up to 2.6) and mix well. Run for 10 ays, or as needed, then use Flora Kleen to finish your crop.

For those using soil add like 4ml/L to some water and add to soil. Sure you can adjust the soils pH, and ensure it is around the previous pH level. Then throw that Flora Kleen to just finish your crop off strong.


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