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Hash it Bubble Hash Bags – Set 4 120L

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Hash it all Bubble Hash Bags are handmade from the finest quality materials and custom sized to fit common bucket sizes available in South Africa. The sidewalls are manufactured from 100% waterproof and extremely durable Ripstop Canvas which is locally made.

comes with:

  • 25-micron bag
  • 73-micron bag
  • 160-micron bag
  • 220-micron bag
  • 300mm x 300mm 25-micron press screen
  • Canvas carry bag


Hash It Bubble Hash Bags – set of four 120L. Materials are currently being imported from Germany, while the production takes place, by hand, in South Africa.

The polyester mesh is of the highest quality. It is double stitched to the canvas with a nylon bonded thread. Then it is sealed with nylon twill tape, which uses the triple stitch to guarantee our bags don’t tear.

The team also makes sure all the sidewalls are 100% waterproof and are extremely durable. These bags fit a common bucket size for easy use.

Also, these Hash It bags are fitted with lift straps, as well as nylon drawstrings with firmly grabbing toggles. This means we’re creating bags that you can hold at various depths.

Every bag undergoes a hand-testing process during production. Hash It also believe in the quality of their product and each bag comes with a lifespan warranty against manufacturing defects.

This Bubble Bag’s product volume is 120l with 500mm diameter and it can take up to 1800g dry frozen product per run. There are various sets available on our website.

Let’s go into some housekeeping with the Hash It Bags.

Cleaning and caring for your 120l Hash it bag

All these tips are available on the Hash It All website.

Firstly, always rinse your bag by hand thoroughly with ice-cold water after use. Using warm water will heat your oil causing it to expand and clog your bag.

If it’s not clean enough, just repeat the process.

Always make sure that the bag is properly dried out before packing away. And rather roll the bag up to prevent creases. Make sure to store it out of direct sunlight. While it is UV resistant, most things will deteriorate faster when exposed to sunlight.

Never squeeze out your Bubble Hash Bag to dry it out quicker, as this will clog the screens.

When the mesh does clog you can clean it with a toothbrush and 99% isopropyl alcohol. Make sure the alcohol doesn’t get into contact with the switching as that will damage it.


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