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Large Grow Tent Setup with two SolarXtreme 500s

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What’s in the Large Tent Set Up with two SolarXtreme 500s:

2 x California Lightworks SolarXtreme 500

1 x Large Zootly Grow Tent 1.2m x 2.4m x 2m

1 x 150mm Hydor inline fan

1 x 5m Aluflex Ducting 152mm

1 x Hygrometer (temp and humidity)

1 x Clip Grip Oscillating Fan

2 x Rope Ratchets 

1 x 24hr Daily Timer

FREE R1000 President Seeds Voucher


Well, well, well, you’ve decided to put on your “adult growing pants” and now you’re looking at the large grow tent set up with two SolarXtreme 500s! This all-in-one-cannabis grow setup is a combination of the best marijuana gear in South Africa! Now, what’s in this amazing dagga growing kit? 

What’s In This Kit?

What you get with the Large Grow Tent Setup with two SolarXtremes is half in the name really. You get a Zootly Large Grow tent, which is 1.2m x 2.4m x 2m, and two amazing SolarXtreme 500s. Which are both products that are cutting edge technology. And you can read up more about them on their own separate pages. Right now we’re focusing on the setup. 

So what else is there? 

A Hydor 100mm extractor fan, or the Hydor in-line tube fan IMF series. This powerful fan provides the perfect ventilation for closed-off growing operations. 

To ensure the air moves in the right direction there’s also 5 meters of aluminium flexible ducting and a 6 inch clip grip oscillating fan to ensure that there’s some airflow around the tent. 

Also, included in the cannabis grow package is a hygrometer, which keeps track of the humidity and temperature, as well as a daily timer. Not included in the artwork (picture) is the fact that the powers that be have thrown in some metal rope ratchets. 

And the last surprise that the Zootly guys have included is something from their favourite seed bank, President Seeds, a R1000 voucher!

What else would you need with the Large Grow Tent Setup with two SolarXtreme 500s? 

What else could you need with this setup? Honestly, nothing. Maybe a good pair of clippers? Which you can order from us online. So, what are you waiting for, buy this medium grow tent setup now!


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