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LED Quantum Board with Samsung 301H and Osram 660nm diodes – 100w

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The Samsung LED Quantum Board Grow Light is the perfect addition to anyone’s indoor grow setup.

Here’s some fact:

  • Samsung LM301H and Osram 660nm LED diodes,
  • Power: 100w;
  • Efficacy: 2.8umol/j
  • Driver: Meanwell XLG 100
  • Voltage: AC100-240V
  • Coverage veg: 90cm x 90cm
  • Coverage Bloom: 60cm x 60cm
  • Lifespan: 50 000 hours

Read more about this rig below!


The Samsung LED Quantum Board Grow Light is the perfect addition to anyone’s indoor grow setup.

I mean, look at it hanging so perfectly in our Zootly Grow tent. You’d be mad not to buy them as a pair! If you are “cray-cray”, cool, let’s talk about about this amazing grow light!

LED Quantum Board Grow Light Features!

This is a simple plug-and-play lighting rig. With its highly efficient white light quantum boards, it’s bound to take tiny sips at your electrical bill. It produces 15,000+ Lumens, that’s a lot when you consider that a single candle produces 12.57 lumens.

Then again, you wouldn’t be lighting your crop with candles! That would be silly!

Right, what else is there to this amazing rig?

It has a reliable passive cooling design and a diffused light, allowing for great canopy light penetration. Also, it comes with a non-dimmable power supply.

If you’re keen to play with full-spectrum lighting, we’d suggest going for a California LightWorks SolarSystem rig!

But if you’re looking at the lighting spectrums and thinking,

“What is does that mean?”

Then this is perfect!

Here are some quick specifications for this rig!


Yep, this bad boy has the Samsung LM301H and Osram 660nm LED diodes, which makes it reliable. More than your friend who keeps rescheduling every coffee date! Just stick to the arrangement BECKY!

This light will cover an area of 90cm X 90cm during veg and 60cm x 60cm while in bloom/flowering.

It uses 100 watts of power (it’s in the name). Voltage-wise it has a Meanwell XLG 100 unit, which converts AC100-240V (that’s the box thing that converts volts for your laptop).

For those in the know, it has an efficacy rate of 2.8 μmol/j: FYI that’s a good reading.

And finally, it has an estimated lifespan of around 50 000 hours. So, like 50 000 more coffee dates than you’ll be getting from BECKY! WHICH IS NONE! DAMN YOU BECKY – I AM UNFRIENDING YOU!




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