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Liviana CBD Olive Oil – Chilli Pepper Trilogy

5.0 (3 reviews)


Infused with organically grown Bird’s Eye, Habanero and Jalapeño chilli peppers to provide a distinctive chilli aroma with mild heat and incredible flavour.

Nestled in a beautiful valley on the slopes of the Stellenbosch Mountains lies our grove where we delicately handpick our organic olives in small batches. Each assemblage is carefully processed with our unique cold extraction method and gently infused with just the right amount of the purest organic premium CBD from the USA.

At Liviana we are committed to quality so you will enjoy only the finest organic extra virgin olive oil.


You asked for premium we delivered opulence with Liviana CBD Olive Oil the Chilli Pepper Trilogy!

Infused with only organically grown:

  • Bird’s Eye,
  • Habanero,
  • and Jalapeño chilli peppers!

Combining all chillis together provides the oil olive with an amazing chilli aroma with mild heat and incredible flavour.

But where does this premium olive oil come from? Well, the Stellenbosch Mountains!

To the wine lands!

The Cape Wine Lands are simply majestic! Set against the Hottentots-Holland Mountain Range, the area boosts the perfect Mediterranean climate to grow olives.

Liviana’s olive’s are carefully handpicked to ensure we deliver olive oil that’s simply amazing!

We process each assemblage is carefully with the farm’s unique cold extraction method. This means the olive oil is everything you want it to be.

It’s a 100% organic and is an extra virgin olive oil!

Now, comes time to gently infuse it with Chilli Pepper Trilogy.

Chilli Pepper Trilogy Infusion

Using only organically grown Bird’s Eye, Habanero and Jalapeño chilli peppers this olive oil delivers delivers a distinctive chilli aroma with mild heat and incredible flavour. For those chilli sensitive you can enjoy our Estate Select or Eureka Lemon infusion.

But honestly, there’s nothing better than the flavours that organic chillis produce.

For those looking at add a little calming spice to their life, this is olive oil is a must! Now, let’s talk about the CBD extract!

CBD Extract

Liviana imports their CBD from the USA. This is a broad spectrum CBD and guarantees that you can tap into the full bouquet of the hundred or so other cannabinoids.

Every 240ml of organic oil is infused with 160mg of CBD.

As we’ve discussed on the website, there’s a vast difference between the CBDs.

But the CBD sourced by Liviana for their product is certified to be organic, just like everything else nicely packed in their bottle.

If you’re looking to create extra buzz around your amazing salads think about adding a drizzle of Liviana CBD Olive Oil!


3 reviews for Liviana CBD Olive Oil – Chilli Pepper Trilogy

  1. Stephanus

    I love olive oil and for me, the fact that this taste like it’s an imported premium product just blew my mind because I know that it’s locally produced and manufactured

  2. Jaydene

    DEVINE !!
    So delicious for soups , stirfry , a marinade for steaks ! Amazing !

  3. Katana

    My curry game has improved immensely with the use of this chilli olive oil, this is my go to olive oil and I love that the CBD infusion gives me so many health benefits!

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