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Margaret Roberts Organic Insecticide 200ml

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This organic insecticide from Margaret Roberts is formulated using garlic and canola oil!

Read more about the gardening legend below!


Margaret Roberts is South Africa’s best known legendary gardener. A pioneer, goddess, and gentle soul, her products embody her ethos (if she has one online), and this is especially true with her organic insecticide. You can browse for more of her products – here.

This organic insecticide should be harmless to humans and animals while helping you control:

  • Aphids;
  • Red spider mites;
  • White fly;
  • Mealy bug;
  • Scale;
  • And Australian bug!

If you were wondering, Margaret Robert’s product was mixed together to ensure you can control small bodied insects! This isn’t going to cause a mass extinction in the garden or grow tent. And honestly, you should be grateful for that! The world does need more insects. Anyway! What’s in this stuff?

What’s in Margaret Roberts Organic Insecticide?

So, what did this saucy gardener for the ages mix into this concoction? Two main ingredients! That’s it!

Namely: garlic juice extract and canola oil!

Yes, if you were just chilling in your kitchen for the day you too could mix this together… BUT YOU DON’T WANT TO DO THAT!

But why these two ingredients? Well, the garlic keeps insects away from the plant/s, as the little critters hate the smell. And it’ll have little impact on larger beneficial insects and natural predators. Except maybe bad breath?

The canola oil actually kills the tiny insects by… suffocating them. Don’t think about it too much.

So, how do you use this organic insecticide?

Dosage of Margaret Roberts!

The usual amount to mix into 10 litres of water is between 150 to 200 ml. If you’re battling scale you will want to ramp the dosage up to the high end. You can increase the dosage to 300ml per 10 litres of water as a dormancy spray after pruning the plant. This is usually for other plants such as:

  • Herbs;
  • Vegetables;
  • Fruit;
  • Salads;
  • Roses;
  • Ornamentals;
  • And bulbs.

If you are planning on harvesting and your cannabis plant is covered in pests you can spray during the last stages. Just make sure to wash the flower. As it’ll taste… like garlic!

And if you are spraying this stuff over a water feature, make sure it doesn’t form an oil layer as it can cut off the oxygen supply to the aquatic life. So, if you are playing with aquaponics this could be an issue.

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