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Medspresso Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee

5.0 (2 reviews)


Medspresso CBD-infused Premium Tanzanian Peaberry coffee is a prize winning rare African coffee varietal grown in the Mbeya Region of South-western Tanzania.

These wonderfully smooth and full-bodied beans are gently roasted, rich in flavour and exhibit notes of black currant that soften to chocolate giving a sweet and deep exquisite experience.

And these pod are Nespresso compatible. You can find out more below!


Bringing together three amazing selling points (yes, corporate talk) Medspresso Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee combines cannabinoid CBD with a prize winning rare African coffee varietal and packs it into a Nespresso compatible pod!

And there’s so much more to these pods! How have we done our normal morning ritual for eons without the help of that percolated taste of Medspresso Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee pods being in our lives? You want more details? We’ll give you something to sip on!

What’s the CBD quality like?

Excellent, is the simple answer. It’s officially a pharmaceutical grade full-spectrum CBD, which means it’s going to provide the highest therapeutic relief. Or for the layman, it’s going to help with those aches and pains, as well as mellow you out. And it does this while delivering a wonderfully rich flavours. These tasting notes exhibit undertones of black currant, which then softens to chocolate and sweet taste! For those who are still scrolling down the page, you want to know if Medspresso Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee pods are kind to the environment.

Medspresso Rooibos Tea pods are kind to the environment!

The Medspresso team cares about the environment. After all, as a wise person must have said before…

We live in the environment… AKA our planet. It would be incredibly irresponsible to create non-biodegradable pods…

So, bearing this in mind, they’ve made sure to use only sustainable materials, which means all their pods are fully biodegradable.

This means you can pop these pods into your Nespresso machine with no guilt!

While it’s all good to be environmentally friendly, where and how are the ingredients sourced?

Ethically sourced from Africa

In the current world, where you buy from matters. These ingredients are grown and sourced from the Mbeya Region of the South-Western Tanzania. And these communities benefit from your purchase. We also ensure that production meets the Good Manufacturing Practice certification, that no pesticides are used and all processes are eco-friendly. The pods are totally THC free, as well as being a product that does not contain genetically modified organisms.

And honestly, if this isn’t your cuppa… well, we can offer you something else from the rest of their range – here.

2 reviews for Medspresso Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee

  1. Fatima

    So rich and just delicious! You won’t regret buying this. 😉

  2. Shivani

    Never had a better coffee before. I knew that peaberry coffee is good but didn’t expect it to be this good!!!
    The CBD helps me feel calmer and more focussed too.

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