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GHE FloraKleen

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FloraKleen is a high-performance rinse & soil conditioner which removes build up & corrects nutrient balance. It can be used in circulating hydroponic systems, potting soil or soilless mixes



GHE FloraKleen, or FloraKlean, or FloraClean, or Flora Clean, is the go to soil conditioner, many will struggle to nail the branding spelling – WHY MUST YOU SPELL THINGS THIS WAY! Anyway!

GHE has recently changed to Terra Aquatica (TA) and named this stuff FlashClean, or Flash Clean, or Flash Klean – WHATEVER NOW LOOK WHAT YOU’VE MADE ME WRITE!

Right, so let’s talk about the product!

GHE FloraKleen

Whether you’re looking at rejuvenating some random house plants or want to maximise your yields for a commercial hydroponic setup FloraKleen is perfect. While it’s nearly impossible to avoid nutrient build up, you can ensure that your plant’s roots aren’t over saturated with a quick flush of FloraKleen.

This stuff promises to dissolve accumulated fertiliser salts, corrects nutrient balance, and treats nutrient lock out.  It does all of this will ensuring it still nourishes microbial life and refreshes soil and coco coir.

It can be used in circulating hydroponic systems, potting soil or soilless mixes.

And it’s worth noting that unlike those other “flushes” and finishing products, this isn’t an acid. Or even enzyme based, and nope it isn’t dumping tonnes of magnesium or other mineral additives. So, you’re not just nuking your growing medium. You’re just ensuring that your cannabis gets the best finish to its life.

To sum up what this stuff does, it is:
– Used to rinse and/or condition soil, coco or hydroponics
– Gets rid of any salt/saline build up in substrate
– Corrects nutrient balance
– Treats nutrient lock-out
– Nourishes microbial life
– Refreshes coco and soil as well as maximising final stage growth.
– Application Chart included with purchase


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