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Peach & Moon Hello Clarice


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Hello Clarice is all about skin. It is for those who appreciate a darker sense of humour. This box is carefully curated to include organic skincare items. Perhaps you need a favour from a friend? Get one by sending this delightful skin centric box. Quid pro quo. 

Natural, organic, vegan.


Peach & Moon’s, Hello Clarice gift set is perfect for those who have a dark sense of humour and love organic skin care. This box set has been carefully curated. We currently stock most of Peach & Moon’s gift range.

The folks over at Peach & Moon operate from their farm, high up in the Groot Winterhoek Mountains, and pride themselves on keeping bees, growing organic olives, herbs, and essential oils.

Also, when you purchase their goods, you’re supporting a passionate, family organisation.

They source their CBD from the Netherlands, as growing cannabis on the scale required will mean having to pop in at the High Court. But at the end of the day the family believe in the benefits of cannabis – like us.

So, what’s in the box?

What’s Inside Peach & Moon’s Hello Clarice Gift Pack?

As many adverts and product write-ups have said in the past,

Its greatness is the sum of its parts.

So, here we are again, looking at you saying, that this gift box’s greatness is down to the sum of its parts! Gosh – such a cliche! Anyway!

Peach & Moon’s Certified Organic Rosemary Oil

Peach & Moon’s Organic Rosemary (Verbenone, or a natural terpene) Oil is undiluted and 100% pure. Rosemary oil is fantastic for hair and skin. It is grown and stilled on their farm in the Western Cape. Which helps you get the lotion off your skin… 

Peach & Moon’s Healing Hemp Cream

Peach and Moon’s Healing Hemp Cream is moisturising, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and mild. It is full of hemp seed oil, rose hip oil, avocado oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba seeds, chamomile, and tangerine. It rubs the lotion on its skin, or it gets… “flippen dry” again. We’re a barrel of laughs, hold us back! 

Peach & Moon’s African Chamomile Soap 

Their handmade soaps are created with organic ingredients from their farm high and it includes their magnificent olive oil. Peach & Moon African Chamomile soap is a swirl of cream and blue. Chamazulene, a blue chemical compound, is what gives Cape Chamomile its anti-inflammatory and skin health benefits.

The scent of African Chamomile is hard to describe: floral, apple, pear, spicy, herbaceous, and honey wine.

Well, we hope we did the aroma notes justice, but then again, you could just buy it and try write them yourself! Gosh!
Anyway, like all the Peach & Moon gift packs, it’s nicely package in a good box.

It’s All About the Hello Clarice Packaging

Included in the pack is a complimentary greeting card with personal, handwritten note. 

And sticking with their environmental ethos, the gift items are packaged in gorgeous recyclable Peach & Moon boxes. These are then padded with wood wool and wrapped in recycled tissue. And the final touch is that it is all fastened together with a Peach & Moon seal.


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