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Blumat Pressure Reducer – 1 Bar

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For those who don’t have access to a rain tank, live indoors, and want a self-watering game – here’s the Blumat Pressure Reducer.

  • It can fit onto most tap fittings;
  • Reduces water pressure from 6 bars to 1 bar;
  • And it is a quality Austrian made product that won’t fail.



The Blumat Pressure Reducer ensures that the flow of water to your plants from your household/garden tap isn’t too strong.

After all, the last thing you want is a flood of kitchen water to wash away your little cannabis-babies! They’ve got some rad genetics!

This Blumat Pressure Reducer maintains a constant pressure of 1 bar. If you were wondering why this is important, well…

The Blumat system uses 8mm watering tubes and your tap is around 12mm wide – and is feeding water in at 6 bars.

So, if you want to keep your gardening experience to a non-explosive hobby, well, this is your solution.

And if you’ve invested in the awesome Tropf-Blumat 12 Carrot Irrigation system and are looking to ensure your indoor grow setup is constantly getting the exact amount of water it needs – this is the attachment for you.

Other amazing features of this little adaptor are:

  • It will screw onto most standard South African taps. If you’re in the minority and own a fancy tap… well that’s what you get!
  • It has an amazing wire mesh to filter water before it jams up your pipes.
  • If you’re in need of pumping water up a wall, this attachment will push water up to a height of 4m.

We’d highly recommend using this attachment if you’re growing your amazing cannabis crop indoors, under some grow lights. But, if you are blessed with outside space, you can pick up the cheaper Blumat Tank Connector. Then you can connect it to your Jojo tank or a random bucket…

Sure, we’re shooting ourselves in the monetary foot, but if you’re not worried about budget, live in an apartment, or you just want it,  the Blumat Pressure Reducer is your go to.


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