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Blumat Tank Connector

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If you wish to operate the Tropf Blumat Watering System from a ‘tank’ of water rather than mains water, you will need the Blumat Tank Connector. Read more below!


The Blumat Tank Connector allows you to tap into your rain barrel or water storage reserves.

South Africans who have lived through a drought will know this is important. The ceramic cones should filter out the toxins of greywater, so there’s that option as well…

Anyway, if you’ve connected the tank to a Blumat Tropf-System, you be growing an awesome crop of cannabis that environmentally friendly! But let’s get into the Blumat Tank Connector.

The attachment is an 8mm adaptor, perfect for attaching to the rest of the Blumat Tropf range. And if you must know, this classic bulkhead fitting is made in Austria.

What does this mean for the marijuana grower? Well, it means this adaptor is a high-quality product that will ensure your saved rainwater is used efficiently in your Blumat System. No random taps snapping off your rain tanks, here!

But how does it work?

The Blumat Tank Connector penetrates through a wall of the water reservoir, forming a watertight seal. Just make sure to use some additional plumber’s tape, as nothing is watertight without it!

Make sure to drill a 12mm hole. No bigger as, well, you’ll ruin your tank.

Currently, we do stock the Blumat Pressure Reducer, so if you are worried that your 5000l Jojo is bringing way too much water pressure through the tap, back off and order it!

As a rule of thumb, make sure your reservoir is lower than your plants. But if you’re rocking those Tropf-Blumats then make sure to elevate it.

And we know that if you’ve invested in some sweet-sweet-seeds, you want the best for them.


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