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TA Calcium Magnesium Supplement 500ml

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Proper Calcium and Magnesium  availability is vital to optimise nutrition in fast growing plants. It helps prevent secondary nutrient deficiencies, supports growth and fruiting, and prevents blossom end rot and tip-burn in many particularly intensive crops such as tomatoes and lettuce.

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(Terra Aquatica) TA Calcium Magnesium Supplement (or the old GHE) is the easy to use Calmag supplement you’ve been looking for.

As the label suggests it provides concentrated Calcium and Magnesium. These minerals are then blended together in this supplement to ensure it is highly bioavailable, clean and soluble form that  will not clog droppers/drippers. Which makes it perfect for hydroponic setups. Especially if you have a large setup!

TA Calcium Magnesium Supplement can be easily used alongside most nutrient regimes. So, stop worrying – just stop. Like, the world has many other things to worry about. Like bills, global warming, and the fact your mom has start collecting coupons…

ANYWAY! Back to TA’s Calcium Magnesium Supplement!

The real hero of this product write-up.

This calmag can also help counter calcium sequestration when growing in coco coir using. This is done via organic nutrients, or when expanding compressed coco bales.

There’s are some instructions to follow.

How to use TA Calcium Magnesium Supplement

As a large warning: Do not use this with GHE soft water formulations, DualPart Coco, or NovaMax, as they already contain enough calcium for even R.O. water systems.

Also, all GHE coco-coir products are pre-rinsed and stabilised; you can grow right from the bag without treatment.

For all other situations:

  • Use 1.5 ml per litre of water for most applications including organic and high demand crops.
  • With Reverse Osmosis, add 2ml per litre of water before adding nutrient solution.
  • When growing in Coconut Coir, using prepared soil or soilless mixes, or expanding compressed coco, use 1 to 1.5 ml per litre to wet (to saturation) the media, and then add to nutrient solution at the same rate for the first two weeks. Continuous use may be helpful for fast growing annuals.

1 review for TA Calcium Magnesium Supplement 500ml

  1. Keabetswe M. (verified owner)

    Should have gotten the bigger bottle

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