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Thrive Artisan Cannabis Chocolate

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Relax into well-being with Thrive Chocolates. This vegan Artisan Chocolate bar is blended with CBD.

– Daily well-being supplement
– Mood uplifting
– Activates cannabinoid receptors in the brain (CB2 )
– Cannabis well being without the high
– May help with stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, pain relief, neuroprotective properties, IBS, inflammation, PTSD
– Experience heightened energy and awareness
– Guilt free, wheat free, dairy free, nut free, additives free, THC free



Thrive Artisan Cannabis Chocolate is “alchemically prepared” to The Flow of Love. And it’s with this love they’ve created the Blue Lotus & Salt flavour. 

What does “alchemically prepared” mean? Who knows, but what you get is chocolate that’s worth its weight in gold! So, I guess this term can refer to chocolate. 

So, why would you be blessed to treat yourself to Thrive Artisan Cannabis Chocolate Original? 

What Makes Thrive Artisan Chocolate Amazing? 

We all know that CBD is a cannabinoid that’s achieving amazing results the more it is tested. We’ve spoken about it at length. So, it should go without having to say it, but by enjoying a nibble of Thrive Artisan Chocolate, you’ll be well on your way to relaxing and cruising into a new sense of well-being. And if you are vegan, good news, this chocolate has no animal products in it. 

Now let’s talk about what makes this original so special!


As you well know, quality is down to the sum of the item’s parts. So, first off, this chocolate is completely GUILT FREE!

What does that mean? Well, it is wheat free, dairy free, nut free, additives free, and finally THC free. After all, you can’t buy THC products… 

Anyway! What else have these alchemists included in this bar? Well, it is 70% dark authentic cacao paste and cacao butter! So, no udder juice here! Then these chocolate’s get their sweetness from coconut blossom sugar, which is a natural product. 

They use Kalahari Desert Rock Salt for the salt profile in the chocolate.

Thrive also uses sunflower lecithin and AuraOrmus (which has been described as white powder gold… sure, they should watch their phrasing! But who are we to judge?).

Finally, there’s the Cannabidiol ( CBD ), which is a full spectrum and uses the whole flower hemp extract and this plant is more of a Sativa in body structure. 

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Blue Lotus and Salt, Naartjie, Original

1 review for Thrive Artisan Cannabis Chocolate

  1. Matthew

    Yessssss, super delicious and potent microdosing medicine 🙂

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