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Trimbag Original Black

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The Trim Bag design is something that all serious cannabis growers will appreciated! It’s a miracle for a timeless problem! Trimming a large corp!

A few bullet point facts about the bag are:

  • Durable Fabric Reduces Airborne particles
  • Light Weight 455g
  • Blade free
  • No replacement parts
  • Compact/Collapsible
  • Portable
  • Pocketed Carry Bag
  • Affordable
  • Flexible end caps for precision pouring

Find out more below!

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It’s the simple quick solution for trimming your plants, the Trimbag is a must for any serious producer of cannabis!

We think the fact that this bag will make you into the ultimate trimming machine is enough of a reason to get it. Then again, you’ve scrolled down the page for more information!



More Information About the Trimbag

Born in the hills of Northern California, this bag has been called many things, such as:

A gift from the cannabis gods!

Marijuana life changing experience

The must have dagga tool of the decade!

Sure, we made some of those quotes up. But this bag requires no assembly, is super easy to use (even a boomer can use it), and will trim up to roughly a 1kg at a time! The best part, it’ll do this sizeable load within minutes and around 90%!

What else can we tell you?


It Has a High Capacity

Trimbag’s main chamber can take a 1kg of dagga!


There’s a Sift Screen

Worried that your flower and leaves will mix – STOP IT! The Trimbag’s sift shield has specifically be sized to separate leaf from flower. And this flower can be ground down with our amazing grinders!


More Than One Chamber – Its Dual Chambers

The Trimbag’s design keeps flowers and leaves in separate chambers. That means you can just pour out the bud when done.

This is important if you’ve grown your own supply from seed!

But how do you use this bag?


How to Use the Trimbag!

Trimbag has three Handle Locations that allow rolling, sweeping, and tumbling of your flowers:


End Cap Handles for lifting motion

Tension Straps for spinning motion

End Cap Rim Handles for side-to-side sifting motion


And that’s it! Buy this thing now! You’ve spent like a few minutes already debating whether you need it or not!

It’s the simple quick solution for trimming your plants, the Trimbag is a must for any serious producer of cannabis!

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions55 × 55 × 10 cm


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