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Tropf-Blumat, 2 pcs. pack

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This is an amazing automatic watering system!
It senses soil conditions, turns the flow of water on-and-off.
No batteries, no timers, and just the right amount of water.
For larger pots and bigger plants than regular Tropf Blumat.
Read more below!

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The Tropf-Blumat (Drip-Blumat) uses its ceramic cone as a sensor to dictate the rate of the water being released by 8mm plastic tubing into the pot plant/garden bed. This is different from the Blumat Easy that allows water to permeate through the cone. Then again they do share some things… It’s a  complex story that is still  unraveling, one for the ages… Gosh – KEEP READING!

The Blumat Ceramic Cone still plays a pretty big role in this self-watering game.

According to the Austrian manufacturer’s website, the Tropf-Blumat consists of a:

“…ceramic sensor and watering head fitted with a membrane. The membrane is set in motion by sub-pressure. This opens and thereby stops the passage of water with a squeeze valve. This sub-pressure, the so-called suction tension, develops in dry soil. The Tropf-Blumat works on the tensiometer principle; it uses the same process as professional tensiometers.

We know Austrian’s don’t do easy English! What we gather is that when the soil isn’t absorbing water the pipe is blocked, but when the soil is dry, well, the water starts to flow due to something called the tensiometer principle.

As a rule of thumb, each plant should get a Tropf-Blumat. So, four plants, four Tropf-Blumats. Also, Tropf-Blumats are constantly adjustable for each of your plant’s needs.

If you are hooking up a rainwater tank, you’ll also need more Tropf-Blumats. Then again, you’ve got to spend money to grow that good sticky-icky.

The Tropf-Blumats use one supply tube. So, unlike your TV, there aren’t a million and one cables!

Also, it allows for flexibility in the layout as it is changeable at any time.


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