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Zootly Ceramic Pipe

4.33 (3 reviews)


Made in Cape Town, this ceramic pipe is everything you’ve ever wanted! 

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If you were looking for a bong that would make you look less like a clichéd stoner and more like the cannabis success you are – then the Zootly Ceramic Pipe is for you! 

For those wondering, “Why did Zootly select ceramic?” 

Well, the first benefit is that it isn’t transparent, so there’s less cleaning needed to maintain that shiny premium look! And let’s be honest, no one remembers to clean their pipe after every use! 

And because glaze is actually just a glass, these babies clean as easily as glass. BONUS! 

Another plus is that ceramic is better at maintaining temperatures and doesn’t transfer heat like glass. So, it’s hotter where it needs to be, for longer – BUT – won’t scorch your pretty fingers. After all, you need them precious fingers to load up your Zootly shopping cart! 

But let’s talk about the Zootly Ceramic Pipe! 

Facts About the Zootly Ceramic Pipe!  

This amazing pipe was conceptualised, designed, and created by the Zootly team and a few selected artisans. The team knew that it had to be super… good-looking… like look at it… it is a masterpiece. 

After getting the prototype 3D printed, the Zootly Ceramic Pipe was then taken to a ceramicist in Woodstock who moulded the prototype and cast each individual piece by hand. The clay bongs were then fired to 1000 degrees in a kiln, magically transforming them into ceramic. Then, they were hand glazed and fired again to 1120 degrees. Finally, each bong was decorated with transfers, no two alike, and fired for a third and last time.

So, if you’re wondering, can these pipes take smoking my own homegrown – YES THEY CAN!  

Also, due to the fact that we designed these little gems ourselves, we made sure that they have a flat bottom, so there’s no rolling. 

Although, if you’re keen to roll, maybe you should be ordering some papers

So, to sum up this majestic beast: 

  • it is 145mm long;
  • has 30mm diameter;
  • comes with clutch; 
  • the glaze allows for easy cleaning; 
  • and the product has been designed not to roll! 

And now, it’s time for you to order one for every member of your smoking fam!

3 reviews for Zootly Ceramic Pipe

  1. Lia

    I love everything about this clever design. Smooth and stylish,with the perfect size herb navel.
    All smiles

  2. Manie Hendriks (verified owner)

    Pipe too shallow for me, but excellent as standby unit.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best pipe ever!

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