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Zootly Glass Taster Pipe

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For those looking for a tiny of hit on the road, then the Zootly Glass Taster Pipe is exactly what you’re looking for!

Made from medical-grade borosilicate glass, this tasting pipe was designed to ensure you enjoy the delicate flavours of your herb. As this is a one hit wonder that you’ll want to be playing on repeat, it’s great to know that it is also easy to wash.

Now let’s talk about some of Zootly Glass Taster Pipe’s features.

Zootly Glass Taster Pipe Features!

Oh yes – there are features to review in regards to the little glass tasting pipe.

First is it around 8cm tall or total length. This means it can easily live in your pocket.

As we’ve mentioned it is discreet and portable, just pick it up and bounce it in your hand.

Then the borosilicate glass is the quality glass you want, especially if you’re introducing heat to it.

Now, let’s talk about the narrow bowl and pinch in the tube. This is done to ensure that you don’t – well – inhale your burning cannabis.

Which if you ask us – is a bonus! Not burning your mouth.

It’s also worth noting that this little guy is super durable, not sledge hammer tough, but you know tough enough.

And the final cherry on top… it has our logo!


So, for those wanting to show some support on the streets, in the forest, or on the beach – get one of these little babies!

Give it a name, like Zoot-zoot, or tiny slugger, we don’t care.

Actually, we do… call it Zoe! Shop more Zootly gear – here!



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