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BlackFriday week 22nd - 27th November

Zootly’s Cannabis Cup – Local Genetic Growers Entry

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Enter Zootly’s Cannabis Cup 2021! South Africa’s biggest cannabis cup! With each entry you get:

  • To enter the Zootly’s Cannabis Cup 2021!
  • An amazing Zootly’s Cannabis Cup draw string bag!
  • A Zootly’s Cannabis Cup Official Growers T-shirt!
  • One Zootly’s Cannabis Cup Official Growers Sticker!
  • AND a WW3 feminised Seed from President Seeds (ZCC 2020 Cup Winner)!

Also it may contain merchandise from the official sponsors of Zootly’s Cannabis Cup 2021!

And this entry also includes delivery of your physical pack nationwide!


Once you have completed your order we will send you a digital pack via email with a growers style guide, social media assets and all the info you will need to know as a grower in the Zootly’s Cannabis Cup 2021!

Read more below!



Can you feel it? Yes you can! It’s Zootly’s Cannabis Cup, and this year you can enter your favourite local genetics in the: Local Genetic Growers section!

Yep, we heard your whispers and decided, “Well, if that’s what you want, then that’s what you get!”

Rules of entering the Local Genetic Growers Section!

So, what are the rules for entering your favourite local strain? Well they are:

  • Any strain by a local breeder can be entered. Also, you do not need to be the breeder, only the grower – they’ll get their own crown later**.
  • This crop must be grown, harvested, cured, and submitted by the entrant – SO NO CHEATING. Also, it is illegal to purchase marijuana.
  • Your submission must be 15g of dry, cured, and manicured flower in a sealed glass jar or Terploc Bag and you must get it to us by 01 November 2021. So, if you’re based in Benoni make sure to send it a bit earlier. Yes, you can include humidity control sachets in your jar! Aren’t you a doll!
  • If your entry does not make the top 7 (no need to cry), you will have the option to collect your flower after the first round of judging. We’d suggest smoking it!

Now for those who were wondering, “Why do this? Why send off your cannabis to total strangers?”, to give you the short answer. PRIZES!


Yes! We’ve been known to be pretty generous with our prize giving! And we’re living up to that reputation again this year!

The first prize winner will receive a full indoor grow kit, including a California LightWorks SolarXtreme 500! Valued at R17,000! Sponsored by California LightWorks!

What equipment is included in this set up?

  • California Lightworks SolarXtreme 500
  • Zootly Grow Tent 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m
  • Ram 100mm inline fan + power cable
  • Rope Ratchets
  • Ducting
  • Aluminium Tape
  • Clip grip oscillating fan
  • Digital Hygrometer
  • Daily timer
  • Ram carbon filter 100mm
  • Pruning Scissors

Second prize is R5000 worth of seeds from Biltong and Budz! Yes! You will have enough seeds for a lifetime!

What strains are in this amazing prize? Well:

  • FastBuds 420,
  • Kosher Cake Auto,
  • DNA Genetics R.K.S,
  • Royal Queen Seeds Royal Medic CBD,
  • MosTight Lemon Meringue,
  • Exotigenetix Hoe Down,
  • Blimburn Mamba Negra Auto,
  • Ripper Seeds K.Mintz,
  • Dutch Passion Bubba Island Kush,
  • Barney’s Farm Vanilla Kush,
  • Massmedicalstrains Fivestar,
  • Purple City Genetics Saltwater OG auto,
  • And Sincity Seeds!

Third prize for this category is a Freedom Farms hamper valued at R3400, which has been sponsored by the guys over at the craft soil headquarters!

And you’re getting more than just their amazing soil! You’ll be receiving in this hamper:

  • Two Premium Classic Soil Bags,
  • A Microlife (1L),
  • One SeaWeed (1L),
  • A Live Probiotics (1L),
  • Two Fire Juice (500ml),
  • A bag of Formula 1 Soil,
  • One F1 Essentials (1L),
  • A F1 Calmag (1L), 
  • One Seedstarter, 
  • Three 20L Freedom Pots, 
  • Three 10L velcro Freedom Pots,
  • A Freedom Farms Cap,
  • And a Freedom Farms T-Shirt!


Also, everyone is a winner when you enter! You will receive some rad merchandise with your entry! Literally, we’re better than Oprah! With your entry you get:

  • A Zootly’s Cannabis Cup draw string bag;
  • An incredible Zootly’s Cannabis Cup Official Growers T-shirt;
  • One fantastic Zootly’s Cannabis Cup Official Growers Sticker;
  • A WW3 feminised seed from President Seeds (ZCC 2020 Cup Winner);
  • Also your pack could contain merchandise from our official sponsors!

AND this includes delivery of your merch pack nationwide! So, that’s really an all inclusive deal! Like, you should just enter for the merchandise!  ALSO, once you have completed your order we will send you a digital pack via email with a growers style guide, social media assets, and all the info you will need to know as a grower in the Zootly’s Cannabis Cup 2021!

ALSO! THERE’S MORE! SHUT UP AND JUST ACCEPT THE OVER GIFTING! If you sign up to one entry during the month of June you get a FREE entry into the rosin category. YES! Our founders have literally burnt the budget on this one and decided to just,


*Writer’s note: I’m just entering for the merchandise!

If you were wondering,

How many times can I enter?

It’s R500 for the first entry, and then after it is R200… God, how are these guys going to pay their staff? Sorry David and Brandon you’re going to have to eat noodles!

BUT be warned, it’s only one merch pack per person. 

**Oh, now it’s that officially later time! As we’re all about supporting South Africans the best local breeder will win prizes as well. So please attribute your strain to your local guys. For winning the best local strain we’ll be contributing R5000 towards branding and marketing their product! Yep, we’re going to be providing winning breeders with a budget towards packaging, logo, design, and website! After all, we want Cape Town, and South Africa to be the cannabis craft capital of the world.

Anyway, everyone’s a winner when entering, but how are the top three winner’s picked?


As you’d expect Zootly has done this right. We’ve searched high and low for professional adjudicators. All of them will be judging your bud for the following criteria:

Aesthetics: trichome development, resin production, bud density, and manicuring.

The Smell: is it fragrant?

Taste: we want to make sure that it is a tasty harvest.

And finally, the effect, the strength, and feelings of the high.

In the initial rounds of adjudication it will be strictly about the aesthetics and smell. As there’s no way we can smoke all that weed within a realistic time frame!

Once the top 7 have been finalised, then the judges will have two weeks to sample the top buds. This will all be done through blind tasting, with each flower being given a number.

So, once you’re ready, you’ll need to submit 15 grams of dried, cured, and manicured flowers in a sealed jar, with your name and the strain name on it using the sticker provided in your grower’s pack, by Monday, 1 November, 2021 to Zootly, 73 Kloof street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001!

So, get growing and enter the Local Genetic Growers section now! Just swipe your card – now!

Entries Close!

Entries close exactly one week before submission is due, so act fast: Monday, 25 October, 2021


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