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Quick Christmas Gifts

Quick Cannabis Christmas Gifts BECAUSE YOU FORGOT!

Alright, there’s no good way to say this – YOU FORGOT TO GET CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! Now, you need quick cannabis-related Christmas gifts for your marijuana fan!

We’re not going to beat around the random-pine-tree-branch of a “Christmas Tree”, here are more quick gift suggestions! And if you’ve not seen our last Christmas shopping list blog, read it here!

Anyway, here’s some things you can just throw into that jolly old gift sock!

Get the AirVape XS GO Vape Kit!

Vape Kit
For those on the move, the AirVape XS Zootly Kit is for you. Especially if you’re travelling locally.

Nothing says, “I’m a thoughtful gift giver” than gifting multiple tiny gifts!

While you’re bound to be in a mad rush, purchasing this all-in-one travelling dry herb adventurer kit has everything they could want and need – including an amazing Zoot Case!

Literally, by swiping your card once in our new Kloof Street store, it will seem like you never forgot Christmas!

Zootly’s Nest!

Zootly's Nest!

This cheeky quick Christmas gift is a winner!

Whether they are new to the cannabis growing world, or an expert, we know that you can’t be bothered to scroll through our Zootly Grow section buying all the correct grow gear!

It’s also worth mentioning that the all-in-one grow kit comes with growing tips in a complimentary grow guide. All penned by our own Dr David who is a good guy. But what’s inside?

Inside Zootly’s Nest is:

We’d strongly recommend buying President Seeds as well! After all, plants don’t just appear out of thin air… unless you’re talking to the police…

Get them art!

You might not know this about us, but we like art. That’s why we commissioned an artist to go wild and create this limited range of prints!

Also, nothing says, “I didn’t forget -AND- I know you super well”, more than buying someone art!

We could go on-and-on but have a look through the range yourself.

We know that Derek (co-owner of Zootly) has the Tikki Madness above his bed.

Anyway, you can honestly buy anything from our shop as a quick Christmas gift for any South African cannabis fan!

Oh! And enjoy the holidays!

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and last minute Christmas shopper.

z00tly says: “I think the Reefer Surfer would be an awesome addition to my nest!

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