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Zootly stocks South Africa’s best CBD products! This is the Zootly Care Section! 

As everyone will attest to, CBD is the miracle cannabinoid that everyone has been raving about! But this time, these CBD products are for your health!

Because you deserve everything! Also, the modern world is an extremely stressful place! So, getting all the help to manage your anxiety is welcome! But let’s talk about Topicals!

CBD Topicals!

With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is actually great for helping heal skin conditions. We stock our own Zootly CBD repair cream, which as we promise with all our products, is amazing.

Like, it’s the go to gift we send our own mothers for every occasion. Mother’s Day, her birthday, an anniversary, the birthday of her favourite pet!.

We also stock Oil Science’s CBD rescue gel, which is available in 30ml and 50ml.

Then, we also stock our friends’ Peach & Moon’s skin care range. Namely, the Botanical and Healing Hemp Cream! The family from the Groot Winterhoek mountains source their high quality CBD from Holland.

How else do we care about you?

CBD Drops

We stock a number of amazing CBD drops, including our own range. Which has a spray applicator, making it easier to absorb the miracle cannabinoid.

Our drops come in various flavours and in different CBD dosages, from 300mg to 1000mg.

We also stock, once again, Peach & Moon drops that are water soluble, helping to make that afternoon tea extra chilled.

And the last CBD oil is Entourage. Made from sativa cannabis, this full plant extract is super premium being made from extra virgin oil! Ohh! Fancy!

Currently we only stock one CBD capsule, CBD good Bloom Capsules. Which if you’re looking for an ultra slow release over the entire day, is a perfect method of getting your CBD.

But what if you need that chilled shot now?

CBD Vapes

We weren’t kidding when we said we stock everything CBD! Our entire range of CBD vapes comes from africanpure. Available in two flavours, these pens are good for 24 puffs per day and last an entire 12 days.

These are disposable pens and provide an instant hit of CBD.

Zootly Care’s range includes all caring CBD products – which includes our own Zootly CBD sprays and oils. You can find out more here!

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