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Shopping On Kloof Street!

Shopping On Kloof Street And Surroundings!

We’ve recently moved to Kloof Street, which has been rather exciting to say the least. And now we want you to visit us, and maybe do some more shopping on Kloof Street and the surround area!

We’ve already spoken at length about the number of Kloof St establishments, here, here, and here!

So, let’s do this one more time, and get ready to spend some cash!


📷: Happy By Nature Facebook

We love plants, and they love plants, we should get along. Their Facebook page write-up describes their amazing nursery as:

HAPPY BY NATURE offers ethical, sustainable products that help make it easy to create with Nature and promote wellbeing.


And the crew at Zootly have noticed they’ve now offering a Medical Cannabis Course that Inspires and Empowers Healthcare Professionals.

As you’d know being a regular reader of our site, we offer many CBD products, including our Zootly Care CBD Repair Cream.

CBD Repair Cream

Our Local / 117 Kloof Nursery and Antique Shop

📷 : Our Local

This relaxed and lush shop is amazing blend of chic, sophisticated, and charming.

Our Local is truly a place to pop in and view all the plants and antiques.

You can also order a quick coffee and bite to eat. Also, available for ordering in. The writer attended an amazing wedding here once, so it’s also the perfect venue for private events.

We’re not sure if the owners of Our Local have setup watering system like the Tropf-Blumat 12 Carrot Irrigation 3m set? Because it would work well with their plants.

To be honest, it works well everywhere!

Anyway, let’s carry on shopping on Kloof Street!


📷 Klooftique

We’re all about offering our clients the best locally made products. That’s why we think you should consider popping in and ordering some besoke antique items from Klooftique.

Sure, a cannabis shop referring you to a Cape Town family run furniture shop may seem odd.

But honestly, if you’re looking for furniture that will outlast that allen-key assembled stuff… rather purchase something really special from this stylish business.

We’ve spoken about our amazing range of locally produced bongs in the past. So, here we are again, saying,

The Zootly Ceramic Bong is epic and now you can order it as a set with the ceramic coated grinder!


Lifestyle on Kloof

It’s a shopping centre. What is the writer thinking? Is this really a chic suggestion? We’d argue yes.

The Lifestyle Centre on Kloof is one of the few places that deliver on its promise. From the moment you enter, you’re offered the freedom of your personal preferences, presented by way of remarkable architecture that makes navigating the centre as familiar as one would navigate their own home.

Matthew Moss, Copywriter with delusions of contentment.

The website also describes it as:

Lifestyle on Kloof offers an eclectic blend of restaurants and specialty stores with cosmopolitan appeal. The Centre offers both retail and office components.

Lifestyle on Kloof

We’d also like to add it’s a great place to park your car and make your way to our shop across the road!

And just like that we’ve wrapped up our shopping on Kloof Street suggestions.

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and friend of the world’s greatest fan of the Lifestyle Centre on Kloof

z00tly says: “I think there’s more places to shop on Kloof Street, but who am I to judge? After all, I’m just sitting in the Your’s Truly tree!”

From the zootly Shop

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