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South Africa’s First Vape Cart with Real Cannabis Terpenes

Zootly, bespoke cannabis goods retailer, and GESLabs, leading specialist biotechnology company, have joined forces to bring a range of authentic, expertly developed cannabis products to the South African market. The terpene-rich, broad-spectrum CBD vape cart is the first product to come from this collaboration and will be released in limited quantities this April.

Why Do Terpenes Matter?

Terpenes are similar to the popular compounds of THC (the one that gets you high) and CBD (the one that relaxes and restores) and are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant.

Terpenes come with their own therapeutic qualities, and are said to have anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and anti-anxiety benefits. They also give all cannabis strains their distinct aroma and taste, which, in case you’re wondering, has been retained in the leafy, organic-tasting Zootly X GES CBD vape cart.

What’s even more exciting for South African cannabis enthusiasts and medical marijuana patients is that they can now reap all the benefits of the cannabis plant with this first-to-market Real Cannabis Terpene and broad-spectrum CBD vape cart. And because it doesn’t contain any THC, it won’t produce any psychoactive or intoxicating effects in the user.  

Local Power: A Formidable Duo

GESLabs are the leaders in GMP certified cannabis extractions in South Africa, and Zootly has made grand strides in the rapidly expanding local cannabis market – making good on their mission to give South Africans access to only the highest quality products from around the globe.

This powerful local collab means that all products are developed, manufactured, and sold right here on South African soil.

Looking Ahead

In 2023, customers can look forward to purchasing an extended range of exciting cannabis-related products borne from the Zootly X GESLabs partnership.

The first-to-market Real Cannabis Terpene vape cart is available from the Zootly online store, and at selected retailers in South Africa. The cart will be released in two tasty strains: Blueberry Kush and Black Cherry Punch, with more to come.

Win 6 Months’ Supply of Zootly X Geslabs CBD Vape Carts*

Zootly and GESLabs welcome honest feedback on their Vape Carts. Once users have tried the product, they are invited to scan the code on the packaging and provide their feedback in a quick survey. All users who provide feedback will automatically stand a chance to win 6 months’ supply of Zootly X GESLabs CBD vape carts!

For enquiries and more information, contact:
Chris Landman
064 920 0569 | [email protected] |

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