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4Score Vapes

Zootly Officially Stocks 4Score Vapes!

So, here we go again – Zootly has officially decided that everyone should be able to buy a 4Score device from us! And man – these vapes are sweet!

They are also one of the main sponsor’s of Zootly’s Cannabis Cup 2021! So, a huge thank you guys!

What do you need to know about these new devices?


Twist Control!

Simplicity is the name of game with the 4Score range. And if you were looking to a retina screen display – well – go somewhere else. The 350 MAH Twist control pen has a simple to use twist voltage function which switches between 2.0v all the way up to 4.0v.

It also has a preheating function to ensure you get the prefect hit!

What else is there to these pens?


Did you know there are seven colours in the rainbow, and way more in the 4Score vape range? Well, now you do!

You could have a colour for every outfit in your wardrobe! Which is pretty cool if you ask us! There are 14 colours available on their site! And no, you have to be a wholesaler to buy their products off their site – pity…


You know what all these colourful pens have in common?

Lifelong battery warranty!

Yep! You read that correctly! If you battery decides to give up the ghost they will replace it, no matter how old it is! Unlike Apple, 4Score believes their clients should have a device that’s not created to break due to battery failure!

This is the main reason why the Zootly crew thought it was in your best interest that they stock these vapes for you!

Oh, what’s that you’re asking? You want to hear more about the 4Score brand! Here we go!

Andrew Macfarlane, a lazy freelance writer who couldn’t think of a better transition of topic!

About 4Score!

Established in early 2018 the company is deeply rooted in the belief and research that points at cannabis improving individuals lives.

The company’s goal is to provide everyone with the whole plant and its bountiful benefits. 4Score is a clean, discreet, cannabis device created by marijuana lovers.

It’s also their mission to deliver the best client service and providing everyone with honest feedback. After all, integrity is their top priority.

So, enjoy your herb with a device designed to share the love.

z00tly says, “I have them in all the colours of the rainbow!”

From the zootly Shop

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