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Zootly Diaries #4: Corporate Identity Crisis

Date: February 2019

After deciding that our business name was going to be Zootly and had a version of what we were selling, it was time for us to hire someone to help us with the branding. This was one the longest process we undertook when launching the brand. 

Have you ever wanted to get a corporate image designed? Well, it’s tough. Not because of the task, but because it’s hard to find the right person for the job. 

The problem boils down to two major issues; everyone has their specific taste, and sometimes it’s just impossible to communicate your perspective. Then there’s another factor of them having an artistic license that was issued to them by a drunk sailor – anyway. 

My tip, find a designer that shares your interests and vision. Because if you’re on different pages, you land up burning through multiple design reverts and eventually just scribbling your ideas down on a piece of paper.

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