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Zootly Diaries #5: Finding A Freelancer

Date: June 2019

After settling on a design for the brand, setting up the blog, we need to hire a freelance writer.

Eventually, we met a writer called Andrew. He’s a bit of a whirlwind of a man. He arrives at the coffee shop with a red-face and helmet hair after riding his bicycle to the meeting.

We chatted and discovered his love for gardening, that his wife is a ceramist, and generally saw eye-to-eye on things.

Finding a ceramist wasn’t something we were looking for, but an idea we had in the pipeline. We were looking for someone to create and cast our bespoke Zootly Bongs.

For once, things just fell into place. As everything in the business world is an uphill battle. Now we had a connection to one someone who could build us premium bongs.  

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