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Zootly All-In-One Grow Kits!

Zootly’s Got A Whole Bunch Of Grow Kits! Let’s Take a Closer Look!

For months we’ve been thinking about putting together South Africa’s best cannabis all-in-one grow kits.

Sure, we had the Zootly’s nest for the novice who just wanted to dip their toe into the marijuana growing world. But we’re here to say to you,

We decided to make buying all the things you need for an indoor grow – SUPER EASY!

So, how have we determined what goes where? Simple, by staggering your requirements by your experience.

Like, it was a pretty obvious way of going about it.


Let’s start with the beginner sets.

Beginner Indoor Grow Kits

So, if you’ve done your first grow cycle with our amazing Zootly’s Nest and you have an itchy green thumb, it’s time to get the whole setup!

Our beginner kits come with two Zootly’s Nests, which comes with a pretty handy set-by-set guidebook. Also, it has all nutrients, growing medium, and seedling solutions, you’ll need.

This means there’s no steep learning curve.

Then both beginner grow kits come with:

  • Zootly LITE Grow tent;
  • Hydor Extractor Fan;
  • Aluminium Flexible Ducting 5m;
  • Hygrometer (to keep track of humidity and temperature);
  • A Clip Grip Oscillating Fan;
  • Pruning Scissors;
  • 24 hour timer;
  • And some amazing Freedom Farms Fire Juice.

But there is are two differences between the all-in-one kits.

Namely, the lighting rigs.

Dagga Grow Kit

The LED Quantum board (with Samsung 301h diodes and meanwell driver) is a simple plug-and-play lighting rig. With its highly efficient white light quantum boards, it’s bound to take tiny sips at your electrical bill.

It produces 15,000+ Lumens, that’s a lot when you consider that a single candle produces 12.57 lumens. This is the cheaper of the two options.

Then the second unit comes with a California Lightworks SolarXtreme 250.

Marijuana Grow Kit

The California Lightworks SolarXtreme 250 is one of the most user-friendly full-spectrum LED grow lights. Designed especially for grow tents and smaller-scale home growing, this low-power grow light system draws just 200 watts with a maximum current of 1.6 amps at 240 volts.

It’s also plug and play. But is a better quality unit. So it is also a little more pricey. Also, with the California unit you get metal rope ratchets.

There are two small grow setups for those who don’t need the Zootly Nests, for the budget conscience grower!

But with the small grow tents you do get a vouchers to our favourite seed bank, President Seeds.

As you’d expect the difference between the setups is the lights again.

But if you’re looking at getting a bit more involved, then our Medium Tents open an entirely new world of indoor growing.

For the Intermediary Cannabis Fan the Medium Grow Kit

When you’ve been through a few seasons and know the ropes it’s time to expand your indoor grow setup.

Also, if your partner is willing to have a larger indoor unit in the home. The Zootly tent is 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m so, if you have half a lounge to donate this could be the indoor kit you want!

The Medium grow kits at the moment don’t come with growing medium or Zootly nests. But that can change… if you just load them into your cart. It’s not that complicated.

Anyway, a the differences in these tent kits are the sizes of the California Lightwork SolarXtreme. You can go with the SolarXtreme 250… but what’s the point in that when you can juice up those lumens with the SolarXtreme 500!

This sucker draws in 400w and covers an area of 1.2m x 1.2m (kind of like we designed the tent to fit!).

Our competence amazes us as well! But if you are growing a tall plant you might want to go with the smaller SolarXtreme so as not to burn the top of the cannabis.

But, what if you’re looking at these setups and thinking they’re too small!

EXPERT GROW KIT TIME! For Cannabis Legends!

If you’re able to sacrifice an entire room in your home than the big boy setup is for you!

This 1.2m x 2.4m x 2m tent is big enough for any cannabis grower. And as you’d expect it comes with all the bells and whistles. By “bells-and-whistles” we mean all the indoor grow kit you need!

There are three lighting choices, you can go with two of the California Lightworks SolarXtreme 250 and 500. Or you can go all in and get the SolarXtreme 1000!

It’ll be so bright in that tent that even the sun will shy away from a… brightness challenge. Not sure if the sun is that competitive?

Anyway! Keep your eyes out for new grow setups as the team is constantly thinking of new packages for you!

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and outdoor guy.

z00tly says: “Gosh, so many new deals! Not sure I’d be able to give up a room for the large tents. But then again who needs a living room in a tree? Got loads of branch space!”

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