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On 17 October 2018, Derek and Chris joined forces to start their venture into the budding marijuana industry – resulting in Zootly. This was also the same day that the Canadians collectively lit their first legal joint.

Derek and Chris both knew that there was going to be a large demand in the local market. Since the consumption of marijuana in your home was ruled by the Constitutional Court as legal. 

After deciding to go full-steam ahead, it took a few months of traveling around the world. The team established international relationships with the best distributors, locating a shop, to settle on the name, Zootly.

Where did the Zootly name come from?

Back in Chris’s hometown, the locals would light up a tasty “Zoot” to mellow out. The town is also home to many owls who are always around for that forest canopy high. After four years of retail and perfecting the range of its own amazing bespoke products the Zootly team now wholesale and sell online.

If you’re looking for premium cannabis products, at a price that won’t break your “bong piggy bank”, then give the owl a hoot.


If you’re about to say, “You can’t teach an old dog…SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

Derek is an energetic entrepreneur, who’s been there, done that, and still looking for another bloody t-shirt!

It’s for this reason, since the beginning of 2018, he’s been looking for an inroad into the cannabis industry. First looking into growing marijuana in Zimbabwe to no avail. Then into the retail side with Zootly.

Now you can find him learning about this new industry, doing yoga, or thinking about putting some flight hours on his pilot’s licence.


There are two things you’ll notice when meeting the young and hungry entrepreneur. Chris is a highly motivated individual who punches way above his weight class.

With a wealth of knowledge in the fitness and nutrition profession, he decided to venture into the cannabis industry because in his own words,

“It’s the next Billion dollar industry. And passion for the growing profession…”

Now you can find Chris establishing international relationships with the kings in the weed industry.  Bringing all this goodness to your home for you to enjoy.

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Zootly says, “Hoot-Hoot!”
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