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Zootly stocks South Africa’s best cannabis, marijuana, dagga (whatever you call it) grow gear!

Searching all corners of the globe, the Zootly crew promises to bring our clients only the best growing gear!

If you’ve seen it online, via a VPN, in the States, don’t worry and stop daydreaming! We’ll go and source it for you! Because like MNET in the 90s – we care. 

Need a grow light? How about some California LightWorks! And the affordable LED Quantum Board!   

Would you like to raise your baby in the best soil? Time to buy some Freedom Farm Soil! And we stock the super affordable Jiffy Pellets and Rockwool so you can sprout them seeds!  

Looking for some nutrients? We stock Biobizz and GHE and more! 

Not sure if your soil and water has the right pH? Well, don’t thumb suck it! Buy the correct monitor! What is this? AMATEUR HOUR! 

No one needs to be a noob with us, as we’ll share all the growing tips and sell you the gear! 

We are the go to place for all your cannabis growing needs. And if you can’t make it into the store, why not just order them here!

After all – it is the 21st century for cannabis growers!

Zootly stocks the best growing equipment. We stock California LightWorks grow lights, Freedom Farms crafted soil, and so much more.

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