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What is ZootlyGrow

Your Cannabis Grow won’t start until you’ve got some seeds and perhaps a grow light or two. That ‘s where we come come in. With a wide variety of Autoflower and Feminised Seeds, and the best lights on the market – The California Lightworks, your Cannabis Grow is sure to flourish with impressive bud.

The Grow Life Cycle

Before we get you choosing which strain you want from our Simba Seeds or President Seeds, let’s go over what you can expect with your Grow Life Cycle (for all the budding botanical pros out there, you can skip this):

Growing cannabis is like taking a trip through time. You start with the germination stage that lasts about a week. It’s like the baby years of your cannabis plant, cute and full of potential.

Next, you’ve got the seedling stage. This lasts for 2-3 weeks and it’s kind of like the awkward teenage years where your plant is figuring itself out and starting to show its true colors.

Once your plant has gone through its rebellious phase, it enters the vegetative stage. This is like the prime of life, lasting anywhere from 2-8 weeks. Your plant is now an adult, standing tall and green.

Then comes the pre-flowering stage, which is like the plant’s midlife crisis. Lasting 1-2 weeks, this is when your cannabis plant starts to show signs of its gender.

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