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The herb grinder, any grinders really, are an essential tool for cannabis fans to have tucked in their bag. 

It’s something that takes a battering, bouncing around the bottom of the bag. 

Generally speaking, they’re pretty, plain. But, as usual, the Zootly crew wanted more. They wanted premium. 

Something so good looking that it’d be the second most exciting part of your day, after enjoying your cannabis.

That’s where the Zootly Grinder range comes in. We also offer the extreme OTTO Mill & Fill Automatic Grinder. But let’s talk about our range of grinders, shall we! 

The Zoot Grind comes in a two and four-piece setup. If you must grind it super finely, we’d suggest the four-piece. 

All made from aluminium, there’s no scratching these bad-bad-boys. Also, there’s nothing better than the feel of aluminium. 

And the premium treatment doesn’t end there. The Zoot Grinders are also coated in a ceramic non-stick layer. This means none of your sticky icky, well, sticks. 

Thus, it is easier to clean and keep hygienic. 

Then, just when you thought, “These herb grinders couldn’t get better.” 


The Zoot Grinders also come with magnetic closure lids. So, it just snaps into place, like magic, but not, as it is a magnet. 

This also means the seal is tight and no cannabis falls out. 

The Zootly crew knows exactly what they want when it comes to all things cannabis. It’s for this reason they made the teeth on the Zoot Grinder curved. 

This allows for more efficient shredding of your magnificent marijuana.   

And finally, there is a fine pollen screen with a scraper to ensure you get the most of the harvest. It really has all the bells and whistles. 

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