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Zootly is the ONLY South African distributor of California LightWorks LED grow lights.

An achievement worth repeating! It should go without saying, the Zootly crew is always looking for the best equipment to supply South African cannabis lovers. You’ll agree once you have browsed our website. 

Most international growers know there are grow lights and then there’s California LightWorks LEDs. Now, South African cannabis enthusiasts can get a piece of the light action in their own growing space.  

No matter where you are situated in Mzansi, we’ll deliver these units right to your door. If you are thinking,

“But I live in Upington and can’t use any of the e-hailing taxi services.” 

We’re not them. Thus, we believe that South Africa needs it’s local grow shop in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, and yes Upington! 

Where were we? OH YES!

In short, California Lightworks LED grow lights are the world’s number one lighting brand. That’s because they are the most premium lighting solution.

It should go without say, they are perfect for the full range of growers from hobbyists, to guys with a grow tent in the kitchen pantry.

California LightWork LED grow lights are full-spectrum, which means you can adjust the light to exactly what your plant is looking for.

It’s not rocket science, but close enough.

Just so you know, the SolarSystem units require a controller, which in turn ensures you get the best yields. In other words, if you are planning on being a commercial grower – you’ll like what you’re reading.  

California LightWorks has a number of benefits: 

  • Osram LEDs;
  • Automatic dimming on certain units; 
  • Pre-programmed light recipes;
  • Simple to install;
  • Little to no heat generated;
  • And can be linked together. 

Need more convincing? Click on one of the products below! 

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