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73 Kloof street, Gardens, Cape Town


G Pen

G-G-G-G Pen Vaporizors! Let’s chat about them.

We've stocked most of the G Pen Vaporizors for a while. But we thought we…

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Zootly Bongs

Bong-Bong-Bong BONGS! Let’s talk about them!

We love bongs. The crew at Zootly have literally travelled the world to find the…

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Valentines Day Stoner Picnics

Valentines’ Day Stoner Picnic Spots!

Right, so the day of love is upon us and, as usual, you've planned nothing.…

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Cannabis Edible | Edibles

Top Yummy Cannabis Edibles!

Edibles are a great way to enjoy your cannabis crop. And if you're a keen…

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Cannabis World ABCs

Part 2: It’s Time To Learn More ABCs of the Cannabis World!

Well, well, well, the class is in session again at Academy Zootly for Part 2…

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CBD Skincare

How CBD Helps Skincare

CBD is the cannabinoid that keeps on giving. We've spoken about it a lot! Now,…

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Cannabis Exercise - Should You?

Cannabis And Exercise? Should You Mix Them?

I've written about the fact that cannabis enthusiasts like to walk dogs, hike, do yoga,…

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Part 1: It’s Time To Learn The ABCs of the Cannabis World.

It's time to learn the ABCs of the THCs and CBDs!
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Zootly's Nest!

Summer grow season nearly done – GET THE ZOOTLY’S NEST! Here’s why!

While it has been a strange summer to say the least - the grow season…

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Growers Club!

Zootly’s Growers Club Rewards! The Best In South Africa! Find Out More!

As South Africa's Best Grow Shop, we've been toying with the idea of giving back…

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Budget Cannabis Growing Tips

Januworry Budget Cannabis Growing Tips!

We can assume everyone has had to make some budget adjustments this month. From replacing…

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Organic Vs Synthetic

Organic Vs Synthetic Cannabis Nutrients! What’s, what?

In the modern grower's world, the conversation of going either with organic vs synthetic nutrients…

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CBD in the Africa with africanpure Vapes

If you're reading this we can assume you like CBD products. We like CBD products…

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Medspresso Partners

Medspresso Partners up with Zootly: South Africa’s Leading Cannabis Destination

This release was originally published on yahoo!finance, and circulate via Accesswire, on Tuesday, 9 February…

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Cannabis Black Friday - WEEK!

Update! Cannabis Black Friday Sale IS NOW A WEEK!

It shouldn't come as a surprise, but Zootly is doing that day with the colour.…

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Cannabis Holiday Recipes

South African Cannabis Holiday Recipes!

It's officially the silly season in South Africa and that means one thing for Zootly…

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Canna-I-Get-Some-Cannabutter! Here’s How You Can Make Your Own!

Right, as we're not like those annoying lifestyle recipe sharing blogs - let's just get…

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Cannabis Ice Cream

Get Ready To Chill With Cannabis Ice Cream. No Screaming Needed!

Cannabis Ice Cream! We couldn't think of a better combo. I mean, sure, most things…

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Zootly CBD Is The Most Chilled Basil Pesto

If you were wondering, the Italians share similar cannabis possession laws in regards to personal…

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Cannabis Things With Andrew

Zootly Dairies #13: Cannabis Things Our Writer Owns From Our Shop

Hello all, Andrew here, Zootly's blog writer. As the writer for Zootly I am constantly…

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Royal Wedding Cake - With Toking T

Toking Tylor Reviews Royal Wedding Cake

It's Toking T and this time she's reviewing President Seeds' Royal Wedding Cake. She'll be…

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Toking T | World War 3 | Review

Toking Tylor Reviews World War 3!

World War 3 is the Zootly's Cannabis Cup winner, and is now it is being…

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Dazed Donna - Purple Merkel

Dazed Donna Reviews President Seeds’ Purple Merkel Cannabis strain

And she's back! Dazed Donna is about to take us through all you need to…

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Dazed Donna, The Queen Of Sheba, And Her Review

Dazed Donna Reviews President Seeds’ Queen of Sheba Cannabis Strain

Well-well-well, two alpha females in one review: Dazed Donna and President Seeds' Queen of Sheba…

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