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Leaves Of A Cannabis Plant

A Guide to Cannabis Seeds

It all starts with the cannabis seeds and yes! this is the biggest deciding factor on the quality and size of your harvest.  So, don’t compromise! It may end up a little pricier than grabbing a few seeds out the old banky but have faith, it will be worth it!

Choosing the right cannabis seed for your grow.

Autoflower, Regular, Feminised, Photoperiod? What does this all mean and how do I know which one to choose?  That’s all dependant on a few simple questions: – Where are you planning to grow? When are you planning to grow? And what do you want to get out of your cannabis harvest?

What is an Autoflower seed?

Autoflowers are self-explanatory, they flower automatically, in their own time, with no change in light cycle needed to kick them into producing flowers. They also only reach around 1m in height on average. So, if you’re looking for a quick time from seed to harvest, a smallish plant that’s easy to conceal, a simple and pain free grow, and whether you are growing indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse then Autoflowers might just be for you.

View our top tips for growing autoflowering cannabis plant indoors 

What is a photoperiod seed?

Unlike an autoflower, a photoperiod plant requires a change in light cycle to kick it into producing flowers. If you are growing indoors changing from a vegetative light cycle of 6/18 to 12/12 tricks your plants into thinking the days are getting shorter and winter is coming.  This means it’s time for the plant to produce flowers.  If you are growing outdoors mother nature will do this for you but only during a certain time of the year dependant on where in the world you grow. Knowing this we can grow photoperiod plants to the size we want by planting at the right time of the year or by changing your light cycles when you are ready.

What is the difference between a feminised and regular seed?

A cannabis plant is either male or female. The females produce the bud which we consume. The male cannabis plant produces pollen and no cannabis flower.  If you grow male and female plants besides each other the males will germinate the females and you get seeds in your bud, thus effecting the quality of your harvest.

What is a regular seed?

Regular seeds are a mix of female and male seeds. When growing regular seeds, you must cull your males before they pollinate your females.  This is if you aren’t trying to produce seeds for yourself.

What is a feminised seed?

Feminised seeds will guarantee that all your plants are females therefore you won’t have to identify and cull your male plants before they germinate your females. Feminised seeds are becoming more popular as they simplify the growing process.  You don’t run the risk of your female plants being germinated with resultant seeds in your bud..

Why do most seed banks not offer regular seeds anymore?

There are two main reasons that seed banks rarely sell regular seeds.  – The waning demand, and seed banks want to protect their own genetics. If you produce your own seeds from their genetics why would you buy from them?

Are there other strains out there? 

The short answer is – yes!

High-CBD Cannabis Seeds

As with everything in the cannabis world, there has to be a CBD offering. Well, in this case, strains with more CBD than THC. Think of this strain as the one you’d gift your mother to experiment with. 

But if you’re looking to grow a stash that’ll help with aches and pains the high-CBD strain will help. 

So, what are the most popular cannabis strains? 

What are the most popular weed strains?

According to our friends at President Seeds, the most popular strain they’ve sold is Durban Poison, while they do indicate this could be due to the fact it has been on special, it’s an easy to grow Sativa. And a legend wake and baker. 

The next popular strain was President 47 autoflowering strain, which has a quick turnaround time. 

And bringing up third place is Laidback Lincoln, feminized, which is a Indica dominant strain, with a high THC content. 

Other than Durban Poison, which are the true “Saffer” legends?

South African Dagga Legends

We mentioned Durban Poison, but South Africa has been the home to some legends, these include:  

Swazi Gold

While not a South African landrace, the rolling hills of Swaziland are close enough to call them such. As expected, it is a Sativa and similar in plant structure to Durban Poison, but a little shorter and stockier.

The flavour profile is of citrus aromas with full-bodied earth tones. The high experience is one that is fast-acting and boosts energy levels, but relaxes after a while.

The bud profile can be described as lumpy, long, and covered in golden trichomes.

It also causes major dry mouth, so make sure to have a drink close by.

It’s an easy plant to grow as it can thrive on harsh mountain terrains.


A Sativa, this landrace strain is based in the same region as Durban Poison. It is easy to grow and is at home outdoors or indoors.

It is a fast grower, so if you need to get a batch out sooner rather than later, this is the strain for you. Also, it is very resilient to pests and mildew.

The high experience is energetic and up-lifting. The taste and aroma profile is sweet with a little spice.

There are tales that this is the strain Zulu warriors would smoke before battle.


If you can, hold onto these seeds, as this strain doesn’t exist anymore. This landrace strain was popular during the 1980s.

We’ve all heard about it via the cannabis “grapevine”. It is believed t to have originated from an African Sativa landrace.

Basically, it is an urban legend.

[Taken from President Seeds}

Order cannabis seeds online in South Africa

There are various online seed outlets in South Africa we have listed the top ones here or you can head straight over to our number 1 choice President Seeds

Zootly Says: It is worth investing in good genetics as its ultimately the biggest factor on the quality of your harvest. 

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