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Royal Wedding Cake - With Toking T

Toking Tylor Reviews Royal Wedding Cake

It’s Toking T and this time she’s reviewing President Seeds’ Royal Wedding Cake. She’ll be smoking it up in the garden with the classic Zootly Ceramic Bong.

We think the succulent fountain is lovely. And a mixture of juicy cannabis aromas floating above the relaxing lavender bushes is a place we all want to just chill in.

Anyway, enough of our words, you can read her review, or scroll to the bottom and watch the entire video.

Hey Cannafam, it’s Toking T again with another President Seeds Strain Review!

Royal Wedding Cake!

So, today we’re going to be looking at some Royal Wedding Cake. Just by hearing the name of this girl I can tell she’s gonna be a frosty sweet nug.

I’ve heard so much about the strain I honestly cannot wait to just crack into her. So, yeah, let’s get a close-up for you guys!

Royal Wedding Cake - UP CLOSE!

So, this lady’s genetic makeup is Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Cherry Pie. She is a 60% Indica dominant 40% Sativa strain and she’s got some lovely frosty green hues along with some beautiful orange hairs popping out there.

So, yeah, I really can’t wait just to crack into it. So, I really like the look of this bud. Um, I can’t wait to try it, I can already feel the sticky trichomes as I’m breaking this apart and loading it in the grinder.

So, yeah, let’s get tasting guys.

Tasting that cake!

Wow, some immediate citrus tones are coming through. Some sweet, fruity ones as well, this is actually a really-really nice smoke.

The strain definitely lives up to its name, Royal Wedding Cake. Definitely tastes like a lovely slice of cake to me. So, just one more hit because that was really-really good.

Another one, sweet citrus goodness, honestly, well done President Seeds.

Okay, so the effects of those two bongs are really settling in nicely now.

It’s actually slightly Indica dominant so it’s a 60/40 split, but I’m getting more of, like, a hybrid high, which is really-really nice. So, I’ve got, like, the Indica keeping me nice and relaxed and stress-free and then I’ve got a little bit of sativa keeping me happy and euphoric.

It’s a lovely smoke, it’s tasty, it looks good, definitely one for the books.

Wow! Yet again President Seeds produces another lovely, easy, to grow strain, with large yields and potent nugs!

Well done President Seeds

You can watch the full review below! And no, it’s not as naughty as YouTube makes it out to be!

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